The Lovely Bones

I like to get lost in a good book that takes you to some magical, and sometimes dark places, and allows to let your mind wander free. One of the best ones ive read this year, so far, is ‘the lovely bones’ by alice sebold. its an excellent story which will definetely have you thinking of many things as you travel through the story.
it tells the story of suzie who is 14 years old. and dead. not only do you know who has murdered her at the beginning of the book but it is suzie who actually tells the story, from heaven.
the book isnt really about the man who murdered her, or even about hunting him down and bringing him to justice but is more about how people deal or dont deal with life after someone who was close to them or who they knew is taken away from them. how people grow and deal with things in their own way and try to get on with their life, every person affected in totally different ways.the book is already in the process of being turned into a film, which is always a cry of alarm knowing how hard the journey is for a good book to make it to the big screen and still have it keep some of its magic that had first touched you when you read it.
well peter jackson, of lord of the rings fame, is directing the film and considering his amazing directing skills on these films, as well as the likes of heavenly creatures and the frighteners, could mean that he could deliver a truly magical and moving film.the films not going to be with us till next year, so just go out and find the book and enjoy.
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