The Sam Cook(e) Book!

Ive, finally, just finished reading the John Peel book, MARGRAVE OF THE MARSHES. Since first buying it, its taken over 2 years to evetually sit and read through the lot of it.
I had originally made it half way through before putting it down and not returning to it. When i finally did i realised how long it had been, as i was using a 5 Euro note as a book marker and this was the only thing i had left from my last holiday with the gang to Gran Canaria almost 2 years ago.
it was a great read, and John was a very witty man. Even when his wife took over the storytelling half way through it remained a very interesting, and often funny read.

Im now looking through my stack of books and seeing which ones i havent read or have only briefly started.

I have this massive 500 page plus Sam Cooke Book, which i started a while back but felt it was going to be too much of an ordeal to stick with it, even though i know it would be a very insightful look into the great mans life.

I may well return to it soon although i feel i may be disappointed as each time i think of it, cant remember the title of hand but i refer to it as ‘the sam cooke book’, all i can think is that it would be great if it actually was a SAM COOK BOOK!

Imagine if it was filled with sweet soul recipes of the great mans favourite foods. And each chapter told how he loviningly prepared buns and scones with his own hands. Oh what a wonderful world that would be.

Although all this could, quite literally, get out of hand, because next thing you would know is that there would be some old, unseen footage of Marvin Gaye hosting MASTERCHEF, or with his own unique singing preparations, MASTERBATER CHEF!!!!!!!

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Alphabetisize!…………oh G!

  The band GENE kick off the next letter in my musical journey with a healthy 7 cds. Not only are some of you asking ‘who the hell are gene?’ but also ‘7 cds??’. Their debut cd ‘OLYMPIAN’ is possibly the only one really worth having, if you’re talking from start to finish and if you’re not talking about a best of, and came out in 94. It was frequently played back then, and still manages to find its way onto my cd player to this present day, and stood up against the other cds i was blasting out at the time such as Blur’s ‘PARKLIFE’, Oasis’s ‘DEFINETELY MAYBE’, Primal Scream’s ‘GIVE OUT BUT DONT GIVE IN’ and Duran Duran’s ‘WEDDING ALBUM’.

     Of course, i have all the official Guns n Roses releases, god knows how many times ive bought Appetite For Destruction. Ive lost copies of this album on many occassions but fell its an essential cd that ive always got to have sitting around, and it was religiously played every week while dj-ing in the Cavern.

  The new album is apparantly now ready for releasing, and when they first started on a follow up to The Spaghetti Incident i was just at the early stages of building up my cd collection. As good, or bad, as this album is going to be, it defenetely wont justify the 14 years that Axl Rose has spent working on it. God, against this length of time Kate Bush’s work rate looks quite prolific.

  Got all the cds by scottish rockers GUN, who have recently came back on the scene, although without original singer Mark Rankin. And also have a bunch of cds by fellow scots Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, which featured a very young Shirley Manson who went on to global fame with Garbage.

  One of the best stories i ever heard about this volatile red head was when she was having some massive arguement, falling out or just total disintegration of a relationship with an ex and she finally expressed her feelings by shitting in the guys cornflakes! This guy was probably thinking that he wasnt going to be taking any shit from her, but she begging to differ.

    I loved Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, and still do, ‘GOOD DEEDS AND DIRTY RAGS’ is an excellent cd. Maybe not everyones cup of tea with songs about drinking, aids, rape and masturbation but i think that its done all rather well and is not as depressing as it may sound when hearing about these subject matters.

  The aforementioned Garbage are on 3 cds, as is Peter Gabriel, who is recieving something of a new found cult following after being sung about on the current Vampire Weekend cd.

  Green day are also on 3, although ive possibly lost a few along the years whilst dj-ing. Saw them once when the headlined T in the Park on a summery sunday night.

   I was totally fucked, the sky was so blue at times i couldnt rememeber whether i was outdoors or in a tent. And also had to keep asking people round about me who i was actually watching. It was like some bizarre 2 hour long pop-punk pantomime.  Where alongside all their hits they were coming out with things like Monty Pythons ‘Always look on the bright side of life’.

   Ive got 3 also by GRANDADDY, of which SUMDAY is one of my favourites. If the saying goes that you’re never to trust a man with a beard, then these guys could well be the exception. Looks can be decieving and im sure if you walked into somewhere where this band was playing you would think that you had walked into an audition for some bizarre musical version of Deliverance, which would make it all the more amazing when you heard the bands sweet, lush music and harmonies.

   David Grays also on 3 cds, and Gomez and scottish might have beens Geneva are on 2 apiece.

   ahem….i have not one but 2 GAY DAD cds, yeah i know shocking on both accounts as myself and aaron found out recently when we stuck their debut cd on in the pub and both declared how shit it really was.

   Also got a couple from Marvin Gaye who, and i love telling people this story, would always masturbate before recording his vocals as it would put him on a euphoric high after relasing sexual tension and would make his vocals all the sweeter for it.

   Ive spent many times telling hosts of karaoke nights that maybe people in the pub should start doing this or well, or actually make it compulsory to have a wank before grabbing the mike for a song to enrichen everyones experience of karaoke.

    And got a couple of Go West cds as well. Once again i have no shame in delcaring how much i loved Go West, and was even popular at school for a whole week back in 1985 with the girls as they borrowed my cassette of their debut cd. Once copied though, i was banished back into geekdom and a vigourous training regime that would make anyone think that i was trying to become the new Marvin Gaye!

   Also at this time in the 80s i had a debate as which road the stucture of my hair should follow. It was a cross between Peter Cox from Go West, short and spiky or Simon Le Bons most recent permalookalike explosion that accompannied their Wild Boys phase.

   As usual the Duran option won and i briefly fleeted with having a perm. Although this came to a sudden stop when, on one occassion, i was having trouble keeping it maintained, the curls kept falling out. So, on foolishly taking advice from my mum, i put a few curlers in my hair. Which ended up with me having a full head of curlers in by the time i headed off to bed.

  ‘It’ll give it more bounce and life’ im sure my mum said to me.

  I was horrified the next morning to find that after a night with these curlers in i had woken up like Shirley fucking Temple! My mum was informed that i would not be leaving the house until my hair situation was rectified, and i wondered if i was going to have to shave all my hair off and become some mad recluse like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now!

  “Oh the HORROR, the HORROR” indeed!

 Rounding off the G section are various cds by a varied selection of artists.

  Damon Albarn, of Blur fame, pops up twice with the Gorillaz, and the Good, the Bad and the Queen. Theres one by the excellent Go Team! as well as soul legend Al Green.

  To prove i havent lost my gift for picking up any old shit i have the whole album by Gina G (surely Ooh Aah…just a little bit, is more than enough for anyone), a solo cd by ex Fine Young Canniblas frontman Roland Gift, which i dont really remember hearing, so even at a pound im not sure how much a gift it actually is.

  Theres solo albums from Pink Floyds DAVE GILMOUR, Depeche Modes DAVE GAHAN and scotlands LOVE AND MONEYs JAMES GRANT.

  The debut cd by Macy Gray, who i seriously believe is Marge Simpson in disguise. Have you ever seen the two of them together? exactly!

   Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, which i listened to last night, and was pleasantly suprised how good they were. Hints of belle and sebastian and teenage fanclub;

  Gang of Four, who although never having any real chart success, have been quite influential with the current music scene, including Franz Ferdinand. Even though the band, or more importantly the singer, is clearly mental.

  Goldfinger, who i had the fortune, or maybe thats the misfortune  to see a few years ago at the Barrowlands when the supported A. Thier drummer, who was appropriately named Damage, came to the front of the stage and pulled his trousers down and stick a chocolate bar up his arse! They then got a member of the audience to come up and pick a piece off this chocolate bar before Damage took the other bit out, took a bite himself then threw the rest into the audience. For this reason alone they deserve to have a cd in my collection.

  Genesis, Guided By Voices and Good Charlotte almost finish this section off, which leaves us to finish off with the current gloom laden darlings of the music scene GLASVEGAS.

  With a vocal delivery which has them sounding like distant cousins of the Proclaimers, they sing about social workers called Geraldine, about daddy not being there, about the current knife crime, saltcoats beach!!!!! and about how its always their cheating heart that makes them cry.

   The albums fantastic and mixes Phil Spectors wall of sound with the crashing guitars of the jesus and mary chain.

   With them currently holed up somewhere in Transylvania recording a special christmas album, a song “FUCK YOU, ITS OVER” looks destined to be a future xmas comedown hangover classic.

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Vampire Weekend!

As it was only a few days before Halloween, it was probably quite fitting that we were heading up to Glasgow to see a group called Vampire Weekend. This wasn’t a get together of weird and wonderful goths and bloodsuckers, but the name of one, if not ‘The’ band of the summer festivals.

Along with MGMT, this band have vowed audiences up and down the country and most major festivals this year and have seen their debut cds sit snugly within the top 40 since their releases.

No meat on the menu either for us as we met up and nipped into the 13th Note for a quick spicy veggie burger and a pint.
It was bloody freezing outside so it was decided to head straight to the Barrowlands and check out the support bands and get something resembling a heat as well.

After getting through security, and having to empty all our pockets, god i couldnt believe how much shit i had in them, and also colin getting his socks searched!!!!?? we headed up stairs to see what was happening.

The first support band were already on. What the fuck? They were two guys, apparantly spanish, from the canary islands, who i have no idea what their band name was, or what the hell kind of music they were trying to play.
I prayed, hoped and wished after every song for those immortal words that would indicate that my pain was coming to and end, and lo and behold when the singer, if he could be called that, uttered those magical words, “this is our last song”, i let out a cheer of joy.

Next up were Ra Ra Riot, who i had previously heard nothing about. I have probably glanced over something in NME about them, but dont really remember if anything if i have done. Colin assured me that they were pretty good, and he wasnt wrong.
4 guys and 2 girls came onto the stage, picking up their various instruments. The usual guitar. bass. drums (even tambourines at some points) were in the line up.
The girls added a nice little touch with one of them playing the violin and the other, after stupidly asking if you held an cello under your chin (which of course you bloody dont), i realised was playing a cello!!
Some good sounds coming from this band, who have just released their debut cd, and the singer at times reminded me a little of Morrissey in his vocals.

Onto the main act Vampire Weekend. We saw them at T in the Park back in the summer, and it was such a joy to walk into a crammed King Tuts Tent not knowing what kind of music was gonna come from the band that had just taken the stage.
Their musics like indie, poppy guitars mixed with infectious african beats and rhythms, and sometimes they dont sound a million miles away from the Paul Simon you would encounter on the GRACELANDS album.
The band were genuinely pleased to be back in Glasgow, and especially the Barrowlands where, only a year ago, the were playing their first gigs in the UK, supporting the Shins. Telling the crowd how much they loved scottish audiences from their first time here and also the reception they recieved at T in the Park.

“This is great” said the singer at one point, “its just like a festival….indoors….on a wednesday!”.

The band played most of their debut album, highlights included at bounce along PUNK A, OXFORD COMMA, debut single MANSFORD ROOF, and M79, a song dedicated to public transport after the bands impressive views of Glasgows underground rail system.
They even came back on for an encore, and after telling the audience they were gonna do a cover, which was something they didnt really often do, i watched with a grin on my face as a jam packed Barrowlands crowd sang along with the band to their version of Fleetwood Macs ‘Everywhere’.
An excellent gig, and the band brought a little bit of warmth and sunshine to an otherwise cold, wintry, scottish night.

These Vampires will be welcome back anytime, whether is the weekend or not, Halloween or whenever.

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Alphabetisize!…………….the letter F!

  Fun Lovin Criminals lead the way in this section with 5 cds, and seen the band once as well at the Barrowlands. Excellently supported by The King, who  there will be more about later.

  Foo Fighters are close on their heals, with 4 cds, that i know off. And im sure theres another one kicking about somewhere that i just cant put my fingers on yet.

 Although ive never seen the Foo FIghters live, i owe one of my best T in the Park live experiences to them. They headlined the festival a few years on the main stage while New Order were appearing live on the NME stage.

  AFter grouping up with everyone, whether the had strayed off, just arrived or were having the medical staff scratching theirs heads at how their bodies were still activating we decided that rounding the night off with NEW ORDER was the only way to go.

  There are a few great stories to come from everything surrounding New Orders live experience, but as im neither talking about New Order, or anybody else i’ll keep those stories for the priviledged few who already know what im talking about.

   Anyway, the Foo Fighters were so loud that night that they managed to cut off the power of the NME stage while NEW ORDER were half way through TRUE FAITH.

   Well, not to be outdone, the whole crowd just carried on singing the rest of the song, in unison, at the top of their voices. With Bernard telling the crowd afterwards that we were the best in the world. I suppose it did help that most of the crowd was off its tits at the time.

  Got 4 cds by Foutains of Wayne, and theres a lot more to them than their pop hit, Staceys Mom, a song which really doesnt do them any justice. Check out Radiation Vibe, their first single, or Utopia Pathway, their excellent second album, or even I Want An Alien For Christmas, their catchy little alternative xmas song, and you’ll see what i mean.

  Theres 4 from ex Marillion front man Fish, 3 from Fleetwood Mac, Feeder and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Back in the 80s (1984) Frankie became only the second group to go to number one with their first 3 singles. Relax, Two Tribes and the gorgeous Power of Love, which was the best of a bunch of songs back in the 80s with that title. Huey Lewis may have been a slightly close second but Jennifer Rush was a very distant third.

   So good is this song that only a year of so ago, on our annual trip up to glasgow in December to George Square for some outdoor ice skating, we were coming to the end of  our time on the ice and jodie was getting a little bit tired when they announced that it was time to leave the ice, she mentioned this to me but i said to her that there was no way we were leaving the ice until the last notes of The Power Of Love had finished. Well youve gotta get your moneys worth.

  The Faces, Flamming Lips, Fastball and the Futureheads all have 2 a piece, as does Roddy Frame, the ver youthfull scottish singer/songwriter who was the voice of Aztec Camera for many years before he decided to drop the name and go officially solo under his own name.

   We saw him a few years ago at Glasgows QMU doing a very stripped down acoustic set, and he was excellent. Noticiing Billy Sloan in the audience (if you dont know of him, hes an ‘apparant’ music critic, who a number of us feel that he knows bugger all about music) and shouted out that if this didnt recieve a 5 star review in the Sunday Mail he was going to get a kicking!

   Some of my mates also met him one time at a Bob Dylan gig were the confronted him by asking if he was only at this gig because Darius wasnt playing that night.

  Rounding off F theres cds by the Fine Young Cannibals, Aretha Franklin, Free, Fall Out Boy (who do seem to be souding scarily more like the Backstreet Boys with ever release they make), Faith No More, Fields, Filter, Fun Boy 3, Funeral For A Friend, Frente and the Flying Burrito Brothers, who featured one Gram Parsons in their numbers, a kind of alternative country golden god.

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Alphabetisize!…………….with E!

 So, as i had mentioned earlier, i didn’t expect the letter E to take up much room, as i could only, off the top of my head, think of a dozen, at most cds starting with this letter. So i was slightly surprised when i clocked in 36 cds under the letter E, and thats not counting the two i had to discard from the Eagles and ELO as they were, for want of a better word, buggered!

  7 Embrace cds!!!! where did they all creep up from? Not that im bothered about this, as i quite like embrace and have seen them live a number of times. V97 when the were quite low down the bill on the other stage and it only seemed to be me and colin who knew who they were as everyone sat around bemused as what was coming from the stage and also at the sight off the two of us, arms stretched out wide, shouting “we are the famileeeeee………” at the top of our voices. (remember, i did mention earlier that we had smuggled in a shit load of booze at this festival). Also saw them at the Barrowlands, where venues like this suit them far better than big open fields. And then another time at T in the Park when we had nipped off the get a few pints and came back to find one of our mates missing and only a plastic tumbler full of sickness, sitting there, in his absense. Deciding that we should try and find our mate, who we felt would more than likely be at the medical tent, we came to the crucial desicion that we should shoot to the main stage to see Embrace and then wonder who we would find our absent mate. (just to let you know after about another 4 or 5 mad dashes from stage to tent etc to see various bands we finally found him outside the tent after a fantastic set by DOVES).

   4 cds by Echo & The Bunnymen, another band that thanks to T in the Park ive seen a handful of times now. The coolest moment coming when Ian MaCulloch strutted on stage in King Tuts Tent with his long, black jacket and dark glasses on, announced to the crowd that ‘this is the best song ever written’, then they went straight into THE KILLING MOON! whos going to argue with that?

  And the time he convinced Chris Martin from Coldplay that when he had played earlier in the day the band hadnt done LIPS LIKE SUGAR (which they had!) and that he would love to come on during Coldplays set and sing it with him.

  Chris obliged him with this command and Ian and Coldplay blasted this tune out for the second time that day.

   On this occasion we werent camping so had to head back to get the bus before the end of the set. I had to hold back as, after leaving the festival site, i had the sudden urge for the toilet and seeing as our bus never had any facilites i decided it was time to have a moment with nature and found a nice wee field with a single tree sitting in the middle.

  So i finished off my T in the Park expericence that year, under a tree, straining for a shit as fireworks blasted and lit up the sky.

   As shits go, that was pretty spectacular.

  Moving on, theres 3 cds from Eminem, now im not a big fan of rap (it doesnt rhyme with crap for no reason you know) but if its done well then i dont mind. And the whole Eminem thing is done very intelligently, with even the americans, who had initally branded him public enemy number one over some of the things he was coming out with, realising that he was only playing a character, and using this character to deliver views on the world and what was happening and being said in various places all around us.

   And theres also 3 cds from Elbow, who now seem to be getting some of the recognition they deserve after winning this years Mercury Music Prize win.

  Theres a handfull of double entries for Eurythmics, Editors, Electronic, Engineers and the Electric Soft Parade.

   And the rest of this section is taken up with the likes of the Enemy (who i never really thought that much off until i saw them live a T in the Park this year. although they do still sound like the Jam), EMF (Schubert Dip! it  still sounds good!), Erasure, Elastica, the Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster (Celebrate your mother indeed!), 18 Wheeler, Echobelly, Everclear and last, but by no means least, Europe. Yeah, thats right, those 80s/90s scandanavian poodle haired rockers, who had a world wide smash with THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. its a best of cd with far too many songs that would find it hard, even in fancy dress, to get onto any kind of greatest hits package, but in the confines of my own home sound fine enough.

 So as we wave goodbye to the letter E, F is already heading towards the door, and another 50 odd cds about to be shuffled into shape and looked back on.

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 Aah! Duran Duran, so good, they named them twice. As any of my friends will tell you they are simply my favourite group and the reason i got into and love music as much as i do. I’ve spent years listening to all the abuse, ‘oh Duran Duran, theyre a bunch of poofs!’ or the usual ‘what a load of shite’, but ive always stood by them and theyve proved me right on many an occassion and still continue to play sell out gigs around the world. So there!

  Back at school you really weren’t allowed to like music like this, especially if you were a guy, or at least you shouldn’t openly admit to it. But as usual, ive never been one to really follow fashions, so i was listening to Duran, Spandau, Tears For Fears, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Go West etc when all the ‘apparant’ cool people were into U2, the Smiths etc. Just as, in the Britpop heyday of the 90s, when people were falling over each other to see Oasis, Blur, Elastica, Pulp and the such live, i was always heading to the 70s weekends at Butlins to bask in the live glory of the Bay City Rollers.

  Ive got all the albums on cd now by Duran Duran, as well as a few limited editions and stuff. I remember many, many, many years ago i decided that the vinyl copy of ‘Rio’ would be far better appreciated if it was liberated from its residence in the local library and given a new home with me. So one day my short life of crime was complete when i stuck the album up my jumper, after making sure the scanner sticker had been pealed off and proceeded to leave the library as quickly as possible. I also thought that if i was gonna get caught i may as well do it in style, so shoved the cassette of the Miami Vice soundtrack into my pocket for good luck.

  I was always adamant that my daughter would be called Rio, but that was shoot down in flames very early on, although Jodie is a fine substitute and the only name out of god knows how many that myself and sharon could actually agree on. Jodie still shakes her head saying ‘oh dad!’ whenever i tell her what i had wanted to call her.

  Amd im never gonna force her into liking anything musically but let her enjoy and make her own mistakes about whats good and bad, just like i have. So i dont mind her with her Mama Mia and High School Musical soundtracks and her love for Hannah Montana and the such, because she also has a great ear for good stuff as well.

   Only a few days ago, while we were in Woolies, i pointed out the new Ac/dc cd to her, where she came over, grabbed it off me, had a quick look, then handed it back saying ‘if its not got Back in Black on it, im not really interested’. ha, not bad for a 9 year old.

  And yesterday i found myself having a conversation with her about Vampire Weekend, im off to see them again next week, and she was asking what their last single was as when she was at the caravan park some guy had been playing something from them and she remembered how much i liked them. And also she was asking about another song her friends were talking about at school and knew that i liked and played and within a few minutes of working out what she was talking about, the two of us had eneded up singing ‘Daddys Gone’ by Glasvegas without a care in the windy world that surrounded us. She has nothing to worry about this daddy being gone as its nothing short of being a total joy to spend time with jodie.

  Oh and jodie probably has Duran Duran, or Simon and NIck anyway, for being brought into this world, as i was more than a little over excited after seeing the group for the first time December 98 at the Armadillo in Glasgow. Like that night, and ever other time ive seen the group, i was pished, but enjoyed every single drunken moment of it. I even remember the support band going through the motions to a rather empty auditorium, when the singer shouted out between songs ‘hey there, you’re all very quiet out there’, where there was a sudden reply from someone in the audience shouting ‘thats because you’re fucking shite’. ha, you can always rely on Glasgow to not beat about the bush and let you know what theyre really thinking.

  As you can probably guess, i could go on, and on, and on, about Duran Duran but i dont want to totally bore you guys out there,  but i think you get the message about how much i love them.

  So, what other musical delights have surfaced in the magical world of D?

 Well ive got 7 Def Leppard cds, probably too many, some would say, but hey, i like them.  I do remember having a big arguement with myself a few years back when they were playing the Barrowlands. As i really wanted to see them live but at £32 odds a ticket i was trying to justify the price. Well i knew i would haved kicked myself if i hadnt done it, so i got a ticket a ventured up on a wet and windy monday night to see them. To give you an idea off how musical out of time i iusually am, my mate chris had an extra ticket for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that night, but i informed him that if i was seeing anyone live that night it was gonna be Def Leppard. And it was fucking great!

  Also got half a dozen Depeche Mode cds and 5 by Del Amitri. I always think of Justin Curries voice as being like listening to a big velvetly cushion. And saw the great man a couple of years back in a tent when i was at the short lived Indian Summer festival in Glasgow, but was far too sober to go up and tell him his soft, cushiony voice.

   That was another great day, as i watched in open mouthed amazment as the lead singer from Gang of Four demolished a microwave with a baseball bat during one of thier songs, enjoyed a very witty spoken word set by Arab Straps Aidan Moffat and rounded off the night standing in the middle of a field in total awe of the wonderful voice of Antony Heggarty of Antony and the Johnsons fame.

  Was never a massive fan of Bob Dylan, unlike one of my mates, but it always felt like homework when he was trying to get me to like him, so i eventually eased into his stuff on my own and now have 4 of his cds, and rather good they are as well.

  Got 7 cds by the Divine Comedy, who ive managed to see live twice. Once at the V festival in 97, which was drunkenly rather good, as between five off us we had devoured two bags of alcopops before managing to smuggle three litres of vodka into the festival itself.

   Got everything the wonderful Danny Wilson ever did, which wasnt a lot sadly,4 by the Doves and have 3 Dandy Warhols and Dexys Midnight Runners cds.

 2 each for The Darkness (yeah, i was the one that bought their second cd), the Dears, a great canadian band whos singer has more than a passing resemblence vocal wise to Blurs Damon Albarn, the Doors, the Datsuns, Dodgy (although a lot of people would say i have more than 2 dodgy cds in my collection), Deacon Blue and Nick Drake, who if you like Belle and Sebastian, then i think you may like some of this guys stuff.

  Theres single entires from the likes of Dire Straits, Detroit Cobras (excellent!), Delays, the Damned, Terence Trent D’arby, Dirty Pretty Things, Evan Dando (of the Lemonheads) a Stephen ‘Tintin’ Duffy album, simply called Duffy (and no, hes no relation to current chart topper Duffy, as either was the rumour that Shakin Steven was her dad!!!!!) and the Devils. Which was a cd of old songs that Stephen had written with NIck Rhodes when he was, briefly, the singer of Duran Duran way back before they had any chart success.

  If anyone has Deep Blue Something in their collection, it should surely only be a cd single (Breafast At Tiffanys anyone?) and not the whole bloody album. Oh the horrors of the bargain bin.

   And once again, im staring at a cd from a group called D4Twenty and wondering ‘What the fuck is this??’.

  So thats about it for D, i’ll finish off with another wee jodie story. In one of my many trips into Fopp on which she has accompanied me on many occassions, i as usual, found myself wondering what was the cd that was getting played as we browsed around the shop. Jodie was still pretty young at the time and was still in her pram, but i could tell she was enjoying it immensly as she was bobbing around like a maniac (which i believe most of the times she is) with a big grin on her face.

  So after going to the counter and finding out what the cd was, i was more than delighted to part with my cash and add the Donnas to my ever growing music collection.

  Almost another 100 cds put into some kind of order. Next up is E and, off the top of my head i can only think off ten or so cds i have under this category, although once i start sifting through everything lying around i may be, as always proved wrong.

 Until then……Ta Ta!

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Aphabetisize!….the letter C!

Boredom struck again at the beginning of the week so i fired ahead with my great cd reshuffle and sorted out the letter C.

Another 80 odd cds put into order and im now sitting with about 300 sorted out now and thats only after 3 letter of the alphabet! where the hell am i going to put all the cds? and will i run out of room before i get to Z?

About 7 or 8 Cult cds, half a dozen Charlatans, a handful of the Coral and all the Coldplay ones, including a rarieties type one that i purchased from a female life guard on a bulgarian beach while on holiday a few years ago. Ive no idea if she was actually any good, or even qualified, to be a life guard, but she did have a wide range of cds to choose from, as well as plenty of cheap booze and cigarettes, so Baywatch can fuck right off!
The Clash and Cast are both on 4, but where as each Clash cd is filled with classics, that may not be the case with Cast. And by the time you get to BEETROOT you may understand why it only cast me £1.
Theres two each of Crowded House,Johnny Cash, Catatonia and Elvis Costello and single random classics from the Cocteau Twins, Sam Cooke, Cranberries, Crash Test Dummies,Gary Clark, Jimmy Cliff and The Commodores, which i stuck on and was delighted at how good the commodores still sound.

As for ‘’, i still havent a clue who the fuck this group is, or why i even bought the cd.I stuck it on for a quick listen, and at least its short!

I remember buying, or getting a copy of one Corrs cd years ago, but the fuckers must have been breeding as i happened to stumble across 3 cds by this group. Well i havent had a desire in the past few years to suddenly hear a blast of the Corrs and i think that im not going to change my feelings on this so they’re heading to the bad cupboard along with the Cher cd!!!!!!! which is a copy of her atrocious album that had that global smash-shit ‘Believe’ on it.
And CREED! why, oh why oh why?
I seriously believe that if people were questioned upon purchasing cds that they would probably think twice about what the hell they were handing over the counter and would, hopefully, come to their senses and put them back where they belonged…..the bargain bin!
God knows whats wrong with me, but the nearer we get to Z, the more clearer it will become about how randomly eclectic and down right insane, some of my cd buying has been.
but as i said…………………CREED!!!!. I know, i know, im a sucker for a melodic hook, no matter how over produced or sugar coated it is (or is that shit coated), but im sure in hindsight ‘Arms Wide Open’ wasnt nearly as good as i thought it was at the time. So this cd is off to keep cher and the corrs company.

So again, far less casualities than i thought as im beginning to notice that im clearly nowhere near that embarrassed about my cd collection than i should be.

As Sesame Street would say, next episode shall be brought to you featuring the letter D! this should be fun, and im sure ive got plenty of embarrassing stories to go along with my healthy Duran Duran collection.

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Not only, im guessing, a pretty good score at scrabble but its what ive decided to do with all my cds in my frequent moments of clarity.

Its going to be a long journey, and im not gonna rush it, as im sure im going to have decisions to make along the way whether certain cds should still be allowed to grace a cd collection.

I did A last week, and just done B this morning, yeah i know, shocking that i wasnt out on a saturday night. although i did recieve a miss call and a text from a mate at half 3 saying they were at a party if i fancied going along, although i declined the offer.

Well between those first two letters of the alphabet im already over 200 cds. A went by without any major worries, even if gavin says i should be shot for having an army of lovers cd (think off an even camper pet shop boys with dodgy europop).

Ac/dc and Ryan Adams are head to head with 9 cds each, poor old Bryan adams only manages 3.
And i have no problem with All Saints being in there as well, NEVER EVER is a pop gem as the inspired duet at the karaoke in Capitol proved for wendys birthday when we did it together, where she did the introduction while i sang amazing grace along with her, yeah it is the same tune!

B has been an eye opener, and i may be sitting here over the next week wondering if bucks fizz, brotherhood of man and the bay city rollers are gonna make the final cut. Im not even gonna mention Michael Ball….whoops!
Theres a shit load of Big Country as well as Belle and Sebastian and a healthy dose of David Bowie, Blur, Bright Eyes and the Beautiful South.

Ive already enjoyed listening to some Black Box Recorder this morning, and a litte of the Beach Boys, and already sense that my Boy Kill Boy cd is sounding pretty dated after only a year or so of being released.

Theres a load of dodgy shit to come, i think, and i’ll keep you posted on how its going. Boyzone have already hit the bad cupboard and im now denying all knowledge of ever obtaining any of their cds, although A Different Beat was a nice wee song ha.

Im off to see what other crazy things i can find to do to occupy and otherwise boring sunday morning, while listening to Badly Drawn Boys ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’.

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The further adventures of the Crown Quiz!

 If theres one thing thats consistant about the Crown, and in this case, the Crown Quiz, is how consistantly wrong the people are who attend it.

  Theres hardly a week goes by where theres always some person or other, hurling abuse my way about how wrong i am and that research is something that i should start taking up for a living.
  Well, far be it from me to actually take up the research offer, and then have to prove all these quiz eggheads wrong, but……………………..

 This week friendly arguing started when i asked “what was the title of the first James Bond film. from 1962?”

 straight away i could see the strains on peoples faces as they almost burst their heads open like that old film ‘scanners’, trying to grab my attention and point out what, they thought was wrong with my question.
  “is that the one with george lazenby or david niven”? asked someone.
  well, did i ask if it was?

 i asked what was the first james bond film?

 Then i had someone shaking his head saying, ‘well casino royale was the first one and not dr no.’
   even after i said that casino royale wasn’t an offical james bond film and was a spoof based on an ian fleming novel, he, and some other people were adamant that i was wrong.
   Well, just to let you guys know. ‘Casino Royale’ (the original SPOOF james bond version of this film, starring david niven), was released in 1967.
   Thats 5 years after Dr. No.
    So you see, all that hassle and what i had said was right all along.

 Next one, where everyone, apart from some random old guy who wasnt even doing the quiz, told me i was wrong, was when i asked…..
   ‘in the comic books, KATHY KANE is the alter-ego of which superhero?’

  The  correct answer (and i now have the proof to back it up) is BATWOMAN.

  The now familiar sound of  “No it isnnae” could be heard coming in my direction from various parts of the pub, with most people ‘assuring me’ it was Catwoman.
   Even with myself telling them that Catwoman and Batwoman were two totally different characters, everyone still disbelieved me.
  So i had to tell everyone that i would definetely research this and if i was wrong i would give everyone a little bit of paper with ‘1 point’ written on it to make them feel better. Not that it would do them any good with actually getting an extra point, but at least it would have given me some peace.
   Anyway, no one guessed Batwoman, so it didnt affect the scores.

 Oh, and just to set the record straight guys, SELINA KYLE is Catwoman. so im gonna have fun telling everyone how wrong they were at the next quiz. Meoow!

 So the eventual winners last night of the drinks vouchers were THE SOILED PANTIES, who have previously been know as THE BEEF CURTAINS.

 With which one persons parting shot was……”oh! i prefer the Beef Curtains to the Soiled Panties”!!!!!!!!!!!

 Dont we all.

 More fun next week, im sure.

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could a quiet tuesday night quiz turn into an all night drinking thingy?

and apart from the usual brainless quiz stuff, like people thinking that liam neeson was the star of the naked gun trilogy, and that john collins, the scottish footballer looks like john travolta, and then someone arguing i was wrong once i told them.
and a mini riot about who was the first black woman to win an oscar…..

….our survey says…….halle berry…although some idiot was saying it was ‘hattie’ from ‘gone with the wind’!!!!!!….?????

then someone saying that halle berrry wasnt really black, or as they said in their own words….’not as black as whoopi”!…….whoops indeed!

then i ended up meeting a mate for a few drinks, that lasted all night, and as well as making a bad decision on trying squid at 5 oclock this morning (i only had 1 but theres still a fishy taste in my mouth).

and also the two of us, bizarrely watching the tele when the sign language people came on and this woman was signing away to some dodgy scottish accent people (who at one point even had subtitles), trying to sign to us about the ups and downs of catching fish in choppy weather.

nearly bloody fell asleep on the bus again.

oh well, made it to work,should be a long one ha

but on the plus side, jodie had an EXCELLENT parents night last night.

i really couldnt be any happier about the glowing report the teacher gave her, apart from fearing that she may take some of it back when the ex started opening her mouth and muttering like someone that was heading for remedial class!

at least i had the descency to smile, nod, casually say the odd word of agreement and bask in the glory that jodie is far more intelligent, in more ways that one, than her combined parentage.

Have i ever mentioned that i may be slightly insane?

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