No need to be scared, little bunny!

 Finding new music is always a joy, no matter whether you’ve stumbled across it on your own or it’s been passed on to you by a friend.

 2007 was a far more colourful and enjoyable year with THE PIPETTES ( being introduced into my life.

 And, although 2008 has been the chinese year of the Rat, to me its been the year of the Rabbit. Or to be more precise, the year of FRIGHTENED RABBIT(, and their excellent album ‘THE MIDNIGHT ORGAN FIGHT’, (, which hasn’t strayed that far away from my stereo since being introduced to it.

 Since the release of this album (their 2nd), it has been picking up rave reviews, as have their live shows, which there have been plenty off as they seem to have continually toured throughout the whole of the year.

 From Selkirk, the band started off a few years ago with just SCOTT HUTCHISON as the only member of Frightened Rabbit. As he wrote more and more music under this name, a real group began to take form with his brother GRANT (drums/vocals) joining. The band was then made more complete with the arrival of BILLY KENNEDY and ANDY MONAGHAN (both on guitars and keyboards).

 I would describe them as indie pop, tinged with a little bit of folk. And at times they remind me of a very early sounding Snow Patrol. But as always when trying to tell someone what a group sounds like, you would be better off tracking down the cd and decding for yourself.

 The guys see the main way of getting their music out there is by touring, and they’ve built up a nice little following in America doing just that.

 Last night’s gig (wed 30th September) at the ARCHES in glasgow, proved that their continual touring is paying off over here as well. Playing to their biggest Glasgow crowd yet, Scott was genuinely taken aback by the amount of people that had come to see his band and listen to his songs.

  Kicking off with ‘I FEEL BETTER’, they proceeded to deliver an hour of excellent live music, with ‘THE MODERN LEPER’, ‘GOOD ARM VS BAD ARM’, ‘THE TWIST’, ‘OLD OLD FASHIONED’, ‘DROWNING IN THE FORTH’ and ‘HEADS ROLL OFF’ just some of the highlights.

  The only moment that didn’t really work out last night was when Scott came on himself with just an acoustic guitar to perform a very quiet, slow burning version of ‘POKE’.

   Im told this has worked in the past and can be quite mesmerising but last night there were just too many people there.

   And this is a compliment, not a critisism, to the band and how they have built up a loyal following which keeps growing with every gig that they do.

 They like to keep it small and and as intimate as possible and you can tell that they are purely just in this for the love of music.

  But they may have to get used to the fact that they are no longer one of Scotlands best kept secrets.





2008 (October 21st) – LIVER! LUNG! FR! (live cd, recorded at The Captains Rest, Glasgow)

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