Breakfast On Pluto

this is a glorious, fucked up mess off a film (and currently only £4 in asda) but i dont know if i should recommend it to anyone.
  cillian murphy is a revelation as patrick ‘kitty’ braden who is probably less off a fucked up mess than either the troubled messy 70s ireland that he left or the big bad fucked up london that he heads for. looking for the mysterious missing person who is his mother or maybe just trying to find himself.
  this is director, neil jordans most surreal and accomplished film. and this is the guy that gave us ‘the crying game’. ‘interview with a vampire’ and more recently a revenge filled jodie foster in ‘the brave one’.
  it also has the always reliable liam neeson and, a once again on top form, brendan gleeson, as well as neil joradans favourite, stpehen rea, and a crazy cameo from bryan ferry.
   Deserverdly, cillian murphy was nominated for a Golden Globe in this role (remember this is the guy that was ‘the scarecrow’ in batman begins as well as the star of ’28 days later)’.
  ‘kitty’ is a crazy mixed up character in a world, far more crazy, mixed up and unexplainable than he/she will ever be.

 only for people with very open minds, willing to take on whatever biazzarenest confronts them.

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