The Madness Of King Michael!

 Michael Jackson never ceases to amaze me, even if his music stopped being far from amazing a long time ago.

  Ironically, the last good album he did was called ‘BAD’, which was over 20 years ago, and everythings been pretty much bad ever since.

 Back in 1987, Michael was at his wordwide peak as an unstoppable musical hit machine. After THRILLER had become a global smash, he released BAD, and Michael Jackson fever was so high that he had NINE!! hit singles in the UK from this album.

   Some artists never have that many ‘hits’ on a cd, even when they’re releasing a ‘Best Of’ or ‘Greatest Hits’.

  But since then, musically, theres really been nothing to write home about from the self proclaimed ‘King of Pop’. Although bizarre stories follow him around, like night follows day. And we never seem to be too far away from another crazy michael moment.

   Over the years he’s lived in an air conditioned type bubble thing, been very close companion with a monkey, lived a peter pan lifestyle and even had a magical fairground land outside his backdoor called NEVERLAND.

  He’s also had his fair share of dodgy allegations surrounding the children that have spent the night, or weekend at his fairytale mansion.

   Reports that he was feeding these children alcohol laced drinks before having his wicked way with them have always come up unfounded.

   Maybe he was just trying them out with his new Michael Jackson ‘Jesus Juice’ which he was ready to unleash out onto an unsuspecting world before everything went so wrong.

  And any rumours that he’s been dying the pigmentation of his skin over the years so that he can eventually fulfill his life long dream of playing Robert Downey Jnr. in a future film of the great actors life, are sadly only made up in my own head.

   But i was delighted to find that he hadn’t lost any of his wackoness when the announcement came out a little while back that he was heading into the recording studio to record songs and poems from none other than Scotlands finest poet, Robert Burns!

  He has apparantly teamed up with David Gest, you know the scary looking dude that married Elizabeth Taylor, to give a 21st century twist of the great scots lyrics.

   It seems that Micheal and David have been fans of Robert Burns for many years, at one point they had even planned to make a musical on his life. There were serious talks about this and Gene Kelly was to be involved as the director and ‘pyscho’ star Anthony Perkins was to be an executive producer, but both passed away before this dream could come to life.

   So the two headed into the studio to put contemporary music to Burns’ poems, which included their own unique versions of ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ and ‘Tam O’ Shanter’, apparantly turning them into show tunes.

   Michael had no probelm years ago singing about a pet rat called ‘BEN’, so im sure he would have no problem tackling the classic Robert Burns poem, ‘To A Mouse’ (although pronounced in our scottish brogue as ‘moose’).

  And maybe if a full album of Robert Burns songs and poems is ever released by Micheal Jackson, he could call it BARD!

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