could a quiet tuesday night quiz turn into an all night drinking thingy?

and apart from the usual brainless quiz stuff, like people thinking that liam neeson was the star of the naked gun trilogy, and that john collins, the scottish footballer looks like john travolta, and then someone arguing i was wrong once i told them.
and a mini riot about who was the first black woman to win an oscar…..

….our survey says…….halle berry…although some idiot was saying it was ‘hattie’ from ‘gone with the wind’!!!!!!….?????

then someone saying that halle berrry wasnt really black, or as they said in their own words….’not as black as whoopi”!…….whoops indeed!

then i ended up meeting a mate for a few drinks, that lasted all night, and as well as making a bad decision on trying squid at 5 oclock this morning (i only had 1 but theres still a fishy taste in my mouth).

and also the two of us, bizarrely watching the tele when the sign language people came on and this woman was signing away to some dodgy scottish accent people (who at one point even had subtitles), trying to sign to us about the ups and downs of catching fish in choppy weather.

nearly bloody fell asleep on the bus again.

oh well, made it to work,should be a long one ha

but on the plus side, jodie had an EXCELLENT parents night last night.

i really couldnt be any happier about the glowing report the teacher gave her, apart from fearing that she may take some of it back when the ex started opening her mouth and muttering like someone that was heading for remedial class!

at least i had the descency to smile, nod, casually say the odd word of agreement and bask in the glory that jodie is far more intelligent, in more ways that one, than her combined parentage.

Have i ever mentioned that i may be slightly insane?

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