The further adventures of the Crown Quiz!

 If theres one thing thats consistant about the Crown, and in this case, the Crown Quiz, is how consistantly wrong the people are who attend it.

  Theres hardly a week goes by where theres always some person or other, hurling abuse my way about how wrong i am and that research is something that i should start taking up for a living.
  Well, far be it from me to actually take up the research offer, and then have to prove all these quiz eggheads wrong, but……………………..

 This week friendly arguing started when i asked “what was the title of the first James Bond film. from 1962?”

 straight away i could see the strains on peoples faces as they almost burst their heads open like that old film ‘scanners’, trying to grab my attention and point out what, they thought was wrong with my question.
  “is that the one with george lazenby or david niven”? asked someone.
  well, did i ask if it was?

 i asked what was the first james bond film?

 Then i had someone shaking his head saying, ‘well casino royale was the first one and not dr no.’
   even after i said that casino royale wasn’t an offical james bond film and was a spoof based on an ian fleming novel, he, and some other people were adamant that i was wrong.
   Well, just to let you guys know. ‘Casino Royale’ (the original SPOOF james bond version of this film, starring david niven), was released in 1967.
   Thats 5 years after Dr. No.
    So you see, all that hassle and what i had said was right all along.

 Next one, where everyone, apart from some random old guy who wasnt even doing the quiz, told me i was wrong, was when i asked…..
   ‘in the comic books, KATHY KANE is the alter-ego of which superhero?’

  The  correct answer (and i now have the proof to back it up) is BATWOMAN.

  The now familiar sound of  “No it isnnae” could be heard coming in my direction from various parts of the pub, with most people ‘assuring me’ it was Catwoman.
   Even with myself telling them that Catwoman and Batwoman were two totally different characters, everyone still disbelieved me.
  So i had to tell everyone that i would definetely research this and if i was wrong i would give everyone a little bit of paper with ‘1 point’ written on it to make them feel better. Not that it would do them any good with actually getting an extra point, but at least it would have given me some peace.
   Anyway, no one guessed Batwoman, so it didnt affect the scores.

 Oh, and just to set the record straight guys, SELINA KYLE is Catwoman. so im gonna have fun telling everyone how wrong they were at the next quiz. Meoow!

 So the eventual winners last night of the drinks vouchers were THE SOILED PANTIES, who have previously been know as THE BEEF CURTAINS.

 With which one persons parting shot was……”oh! i prefer the Beef Curtains to the Soiled Panties”!!!!!!!!!!!

 Dont we all.

 More fun next week, im sure.

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