Aphabetisize!….the letter C!

Boredom struck again at the beginning of the week so i fired ahead with my great cd reshuffle and sorted out the letter C.

Another 80 odd cds put into order and im now sitting with about 300 sorted out now and thats only after 3 letter of the alphabet! where the hell am i going to put all the cds? and will i run out of room before i get to Z?

About 7 or 8 Cult cds, half a dozen Charlatans, a handful of the Coral and all the Coldplay ones, including a rarieties type one that i purchased from a female life guard on a bulgarian beach while on holiday a few years ago. Ive no idea if she was actually any good, or even qualified, to be a life guard, but she did have a wide range of cds to choose from, as well as plenty of cheap booze and cigarettes, so Baywatch can fuck right off!
The Clash and Cast are both on 4, but where as each Clash cd is filled with classics, that may not be the case with Cast. And by the time you get to BEETROOT you may understand why it only cast me £1.
Theres two each of Crowded House,Johnny Cash, Catatonia and Elvis Costello and single random classics from the Cocteau Twins, Sam Cooke, Cranberries, Crash Test Dummies,Gary Clark, Jimmy Cliff and The Commodores, which i stuck on and was delighted at how good the commodores still sound.

As for ‘co.uk’, i still havent a clue who the fuck this group is, or why i even bought the cd.I stuck it on for a quick listen, and at least its short!

I remember buying, or getting a copy of one Corrs cd years ago, but the fuckers must have been breeding as i happened to stumble across 3 cds by this group. Well i havent had a desire in the past few years to suddenly hear a blast of the Corrs and i think that im not going to change my feelings on this so they’re heading to the bad cupboard along with the Cher cd!!!!!!! which is a copy of her atrocious album that had that global smash-shit ‘Believe’ on it.
And CREED! why, oh why oh why?
I seriously believe that if people were questioned upon purchasing cds that they would probably think twice about what the hell they were handing over the counter and would, hopefully, come to their senses and put them back where they belonged…..the bargain bin!
God knows whats wrong with me, but the nearer we get to Z, the more clearer it will become about how randomly eclectic and down right insane, some of my cd buying has been.
but as i said…………………CREED!!!!. I know, i know, im a sucker for a melodic hook, no matter how over produced or sugar coated it is (or is that shit coated), but im sure in hindsight ‘Arms Wide Open’ wasnt nearly as good as i thought it was at the time. So this cd is off to keep cher and the corrs company.

So again, far less casualities than i thought as im beginning to notice that im clearly nowhere near that embarrassed about my cd collection than i should be.

As Sesame Street would say, next episode shall be brought to you featuring the letter D! this should be fun, and im sure ive got plenty of embarrassing stories to go along with my healthy Duran Duran collection.

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