Not only, im guessing, a pretty good score at scrabble but its what ive decided to do with all my cds in my frequent moments of clarity.

Its going to be a long journey, and im not gonna rush it, as im sure im going to have decisions to make along the way whether certain cds should still be allowed to grace a cd collection.

I did A last week, and just done B this morning, yeah i know, shocking that i wasnt out on a saturday night. although i did recieve a miss call and a text from a mate at half 3 saying they were at a party if i fancied going along, although i declined the offer.

Well between those first two letters of the alphabet im already over 200 cds. A went by without any major worries, even if gavin says i should be shot for having an army of lovers cd (think off an even camper pet shop boys with dodgy europop).

Ac/dc and Ryan Adams are head to head with 9 cds each, poor old Bryan adams only manages 3.
And i have no problem with All Saints being in there as well, NEVER EVER is a pop gem as the inspired duet at the karaoke in Capitol proved for wendys birthday when we did it together, where she did the introduction while i sang amazing grace along with her, yeah it is the same tune!

B has been an eye opener, and i may be sitting here over the next week wondering if bucks fizz, brotherhood of man and the bay city rollers are gonna make the final cut. Im not even gonna mention Michael Ball….whoops!
Theres a shit load of Big Country as well as Belle and Sebastian and a healthy dose of David Bowie, Blur, Bright Eyes and the Beautiful South.

Ive already enjoyed listening to some Black Box Recorder this morning, and a litte of the Beach Boys, and already sense that my Boy Kill Boy cd is sounding pretty dated after only a year or so of being released.

Theres a load of dodgy shit to come, i think, and i’ll keep you posted on how its going. Boyzone have already hit the bad cupboard and im now denying all knowledge of ever obtaining any of their cds, although A Different Beat was a nice wee song ha.

Im off to see what other crazy things i can find to do to occupy and otherwise boring sunday morning, while listening to Badly Drawn Boys ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’.

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