Aah! Duran Duran, so good, they named them twice. As any of my friends will tell you they are simply my favourite group and the reason i got into and love music as much as i do. I’ve spent years listening to all the abuse, ‘oh Duran Duran, theyre a bunch of poofs!’ or the usual ‘what a load of shite’, but ive always stood by them and theyve proved me right on many an occassion and still continue to play sell out gigs around the world. So there!

  Back at school you really weren’t allowed to like music like this, especially if you were a guy, or at least you shouldn’t openly admit to it. But as usual, ive never been one to really follow fashions, so i was listening to Duran, Spandau, Tears For Fears, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Go West etc when all the ‘apparant’ cool people were into U2, the Smiths etc. Just as, in the Britpop heyday of the 90s, when people were falling over each other to see Oasis, Blur, Elastica, Pulp and the such live, i was always heading to the 70s weekends at Butlins to bask in the live glory of the Bay City Rollers.

  Ive got all the albums on cd now by Duran Duran, as well as a few limited editions and stuff. I remember many, many, many years ago i decided that the vinyl copy of ‘Rio’ would be far better appreciated if it was liberated from its residence in the local library and given a new home with me. So one day my short life of crime was complete when i stuck the album up my jumper, after making sure the scanner sticker had been pealed off and proceeded to leave the library as quickly as possible. I also thought that if i was gonna get caught i may as well do it in style, so shoved the cassette of the Miami Vice soundtrack into my pocket for good luck.

  I was always adamant that my daughter would be called Rio, but that was shoot down in flames very early on, although Jodie is a fine substitute and the only name out of god knows how many that myself and sharon could actually agree on. Jodie still shakes her head saying ‘oh dad!’ whenever i tell her what i had wanted to call her.

  Amd im never gonna force her into liking anything musically but let her enjoy and make her own mistakes about whats good and bad, just like i have. So i dont mind her with her Mama Mia and High School Musical soundtracks and her love for Hannah Montana and the such, because she also has a great ear for good stuff as well.

   Only a few days ago, while we were in Woolies, i pointed out the new Ac/dc cd to her, where she came over, grabbed it off me, had a quick look, then handed it back saying ‘if its not got Back in Black on it, im not really interested’. ha, not bad for a 9 year old.

  And yesterday i found myself having a conversation with her about Vampire Weekend, im off to see them again next week, and she was asking what their last single was as when she was at the caravan park some guy had been playing something from them and she remembered how much i liked them. And also she was asking about another song her friends were talking about at school and knew that i liked and played and within a few minutes of working out what she was talking about, the two of us had eneded up singing ‘Daddys Gone’ by Glasvegas without a care in the windy world that surrounded us. She has nothing to worry about this daddy being gone as its nothing short of being a total joy to spend time with jodie.

  Oh and jodie probably has Duran Duran, or Simon and NIck anyway, for being brought into this world, as i was more than a little over excited after seeing the group for the first time December 98 at the Armadillo in Glasgow. Like that night, and ever other time ive seen the group, i was pished, but enjoyed every single drunken moment of it. I even remember the support band going through the motions to a rather empty auditorium, when the singer shouted out between songs ‘hey there, you’re all very quiet out there’, where there was a sudden reply from someone in the audience shouting ‘thats because you’re fucking shite’. ha, you can always rely on Glasgow to not beat about the bush and let you know what theyre really thinking.

  As you can probably guess, i could go on, and on, and on, about Duran Duran but i dont want to totally bore you guys out there,  but i think you get the message about how much i love them.

  So, what other musical delights have surfaced in the magical world of D?

 Well ive got 7 Def Leppard cds, probably too many, some would say, but hey, i like them.  I do remember having a big arguement with myself a few years back when they were playing the Barrowlands. As i really wanted to see them live but at £32 odds a ticket i was trying to justify the price. Well i knew i would haved kicked myself if i hadnt done it, so i got a ticket a ventured up on a wet and windy monday night to see them. To give you an idea off how musical out of time i iusually am, my mate chris had an extra ticket for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that night, but i informed him that if i was seeing anyone live that night it was gonna be Def Leppard. And it was fucking great!

  Also got half a dozen Depeche Mode cds and 5 by Del Amitri. I always think of Justin Curries voice as being like listening to a big velvetly cushion. And saw the great man a couple of years back in a tent when i was at the short lived Indian Summer festival in Glasgow, but was far too sober to go up and tell him his soft, cushiony voice.

   That was another great day, as i watched in open mouthed amazment as the lead singer from Gang of Four demolished a microwave with a baseball bat during one of thier songs, enjoyed a very witty spoken word set by Arab Straps Aidan Moffat and rounded off the night standing in the middle of a field in total awe of the wonderful voice of Antony Heggarty of Antony and the Johnsons fame.

  Was never a massive fan of Bob Dylan, unlike one of my mates, but it always felt like homework when he was trying to get me to like him, so i eventually eased into his stuff on my own and now have 4 of his cds, and rather good they are as well.

  Got 7 cds by the Divine Comedy, who ive managed to see live twice. Once at the V festival in 97, which was drunkenly rather good, as between five off us we had devoured two bags of alcopops before managing to smuggle three litres of vodka into the festival itself.

   Got everything the wonderful Danny Wilson ever did, which wasnt a lot sadly,4 by the Doves and have 3 Dandy Warhols and Dexys Midnight Runners cds.

 2 each for The Darkness (yeah, i was the one that bought their second cd), the Dears, a great canadian band whos singer has more than a passing resemblence vocal wise to Blurs Damon Albarn, the Doors, the Datsuns, Dodgy (although a lot of people would say i have more than 2 dodgy cds in my collection), Deacon Blue and Nick Drake, who if you like Belle and Sebastian, then i think you may like some of this guys stuff.

  Theres single entires from the likes of Dire Straits, Detroit Cobras (excellent!), Delays, the Damned, Terence Trent D’arby, Dirty Pretty Things, Evan Dando (of the Lemonheads) a Stephen ‘Tintin’ Duffy album, simply called Duffy (and no, hes no relation to current chart topper Duffy, as either was the rumour that Shakin Steven was her dad!!!!!) and the Devils. Which was a cd of old songs that Stephen had written with NIck Rhodes when he was, briefly, the singer of Duran Duran way back before they had any chart success.

  If anyone has Deep Blue Something in their collection, it should surely only be a cd single (Breafast At Tiffanys anyone?) and not the whole bloody album. Oh the horrors of the bargain bin.

   And once again, im staring at a cd from a group called D4Twenty and wondering ‘What the fuck is this??’.

  So thats about it for D, i’ll finish off with another wee jodie story. In one of my many trips into Fopp on which she has accompanied me on many occassions, i as usual, found myself wondering what was the cd that was getting played as we browsed around the shop. Jodie was still pretty young at the time and was still in her pram, but i could tell she was enjoying it immensly as she was bobbing around like a maniac (which i believe most of the times she is) with a big grin on her face.

  So after going to the counter and finding out what the cd was, i was more than delighted to part with my cash and add the Donnas to my ever growing music collection.

  Almost another 100 cds put into some kind of order. Next up is E and, off the top of my head i can only think off ten or so cds i have under this category, although once i start sifting through everything lying around i may be, as always proved wrong.

 Until then……Ta Ta!

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