Alphabetisize!…………….the letter F!

  Fun Lovin Criminals lead the way in this section with 5 cds, and seen the band once as well at the Barrowlands. Excellently supported by The King, who  there will be more about later.

  Foo Fighters are close on their heals, with 4 cds, that i know off. And im sure theres another one kicking about somewhere that i just cant put my fingers on yet.

 Although ive never seen the Foo FIghters live, i owe one of my best T in the Park live experiences to them. They headlined the festival a few years on the main stage while New Order were appearing live on the NME stage.

  AFter grouping up with everyone, whether the had strayed off, just arrived or were having the medical staff scratching theirs heads at how their bodies were still activating we decided that rounding the night off with NEW ORDER was the only way to go.

  There are a few great stories to come from everything surrounding New Orders live experience, but as im neither talking about New Order, or anybody else i’ll keep those stories for the priviledged few who already know what im talking about.

   Anyway, the Foo Fighters were so loud that night that they managed to cut off the power of the NME stage while NEW ORDER were half way through TRUE FAITH.

   Well, not to be outdone, the whole crowd just carried on singing the rest of the song, in unison, at the top of their voices. With Bernard telling the crowd afterwards that we were the best in the world. I suppose it did help that most of the crowd was off its tits at the time.

  Got 4 cds by Foutains of Wayne, and theres a lot more to them than their pop hit, Staceys Mom, a song which really doesnt do them any justice. Check out Radiation Vibe, their first single, or Utopia Pathway, their excellent second album, or even I Want An Alien For Christmas, their catchy little alternative xmas song, and you’ll see what i mean.

  Theres 4 from ex Marillion front man Fish, 3 from Fleetwood Mac, Feeder and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Back in the 80s (1984) Frankie became only the second group to go to number one with their first 3 singles. Relax, Two Tribes and the gorgeous Power of Love, which was the best of a bunch of songs back in the 80s with that title. Huey Lewis may have been a slightly close second but Jennifer Rush was a very distant third.

   So good is this song that only a year of so ago, on our annual trip up to glasgow in December to George Square for some outdoor ice skating, we were coming to the end of  our time on the ice and jodie was getting a little bit tired when they announced that it was time to leave the ice, she mentioned this to me but i said to her that there was no way we were leaving the ice until the last notes of The Power Of Love had finished. Well youve gotta get your moneys worth.

  The Faces, Flamming Lips, Fastball and the Futureheads all have 2 a piece, as does Roddy Frame, the ver youthfull scottish singer/songwriter who was the voice of Aztec Camera for many years before he decided to drop the name and go officially solo under his own name.

   We saw him a few years ago at Glasgows QMU doing a very stripped down acoustic set, and he was excellent. Noticiing Billy Sloan in the audience (if you dont know of him, hes an ‘apparant’ music critic, who a number of us feel that he knows bugger all about music) and shouted out that if this didnt recieve a 5 star review in the Sunday Mail he was going to get a kicking!

   Some of my mates also met him one time at a Bob Dylan gig were the confronted him by asking if he was only at this gig because Darius wasnt playing that night.

  Rounding off F theres cds by the Fine Young Cannibals, Aretha Franklin, Free, Fall Out Boy (who do seem to be souding scarily more like the Backstreet Boys with ever release they make), Faith No More, Fields, Filter, Fun Boy 3, Funeral For A Friend, Frente and the Flying Burrito Brothers, who featured one Gram Parsons in their numbers, a kind of alternative country golden god.

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