Alphabetisize!…………….with E!

 So, as i had mentioned earlier, i didn’t expect the letter E to take up much room, as i could only, off the top of my head, think of a dozen, at most cds starting with this letter. So i was slightly surprised when i clocked in 36 cds under the letter E, and thats not counting the two i had to discard from the Eagles and ELO as they were, for want of a better word, buggered!

  7 Embrace cds!!!! where did they all creep up from? Not that im bothered about this, as i quite like embrace and have seen them live a number of times. V97 when the were quite low down the bill on the other stage and it only seemed to be me and colin who knew who they were as everyone sat around bemused as what was coming from the stage and also at the sight off the two of us, arms stretched out wide, shouting “we are the famileeeeee………” at the top of our voices. (remember, i did mention earlier that we had smuggled in a shit load of booze at this festival). Also saw them at the Barrowlands, where venues like this suit them far better than big open fields. And then another time at T in the Park when we had nipped off the get a few pints and came back to find one of our mates missing and only a plastic tumbler full of sickness, sitting there, in his absense. Deciding that we should try and find our mate, who we felt would more than likely be at the medical tent, we came to the crucial desicion that we should shoot to the main stage to see Embrace and then wonder who we would find our absent mate. (just to let you know after about another 4 or 5 mad dashes from stage to tent etc to see various bands we finally found him outside the tent after a fantastic set by DOVES).

   4 cds by Echo & The Bunnymen, another band that thanks to T in the Park ive seen a handful of times now. The coolest moment coming when Ian MaCulloch strutted on stage in King Tuts Tent with his long, black jacket and dark glasses on, announced to the crowd that ‘this is the best song ever written’, then they went straight into THE KILLING MOON! whos going to argue with that?

  And the time he convinced Chris Martin from Coldplay that when he had played earlier in the day the band hadnt done LIPS LIKE SUGAR (which they had!) and that he would love to come on during Coldplays set and sing it with him.

  Chris obliged him with this command and Ian and Coldplay blasted this tune out for the second time that day.

   On this occasion we werent camping so had to head back to get the bus before the end of the set. I had to hold back as, after leaving the festival site, i had the sudden urge for the toilet and seeing as our bus never had any facilites i decided it was time to have a moment with nature and found a nice wee field with a single tree sitting in the middle.

  So i finished off my T in the Park expericence that year, under a tree, straining for a shit as fireworks blasted and lit up the sky.

   As shits go, that was pretty spectacular.

  Moving on, theres 3 cds from Eminem, now im not a big fan of rap (it doesnt rhyme with crap for no reason you know) but if its done well then i dont mind. And the whole Eminem thing is done very intelligently, with even the americans, who had initally branded him public enemy number one over some of the things he was coming out with, realising that he was only playing a character, and using this character to deliver views on the world and what was happening and being said in various places all around us.

   And theres also 3 cds from Elbow, who now seem to be getting some of the recognition they deserve after winning this years Mercury Music Prize win.

  Theres a handfull of double entries for Eurythmics, Editors, Electronic, Engineers and the Electric Soft Parade.

   And the rest of this section is taken up with the likes of the Enemy (who i never really thought that much off until i saw them live a T in the Park this year. although they do still sound like the Jam), EMF (Schubert Dip! it  still sounds good!), Erasure, Elastica, the Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster (Celebrate your mother indeed!), 18 Wheeler, Echobelly, Everclear and last, but by no means least, Europe. Yeah, thats right, those 80s/90s scandanavian poodle haired rockers, who had a world wide smash with THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. its a best of cd with far too many songs that would find it hard, even in fancy dress, to get onto any kind of greatest hits package, but in the confines of my own home sound fine enough.

 So as we wave goodbye to the letter E, F is already heading towards the door, and another 50 odd cds about to be shuffled into shape and looked back on.

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