Vampire Weekend!

As it was only a few days before Halloween, it was probably quite fitting that we were heading up to Glasgow to see a group called Vampire Weekend. This wasn’t a get together of weird and wonderful goths and bloodsuckers, but the name of one, if not ‘The’ band of the summer festivals.

Along with MGMT, this band have vowed audiences up and down the country and most major festivals this year and have seen their debut cds sit snugly within the top 40 since their releases.

No meat on the menu either for us as we met up and nipped into the 13th Note for a quick spicy veggie burger and a pint.
It was bloody freezing outside so it was decided to head straight to the Barrowlands and check out the support bands and get something resembling a heat as well.

After getting through security, and having to empty all our pockets, god i couldnt believe how much shit i had in them, and also colin getting his socks searched!!!!?? we headed up stairs to see what was happening.

The first support band were already on. What the fuck? They were two guys, apparantly spanish, from the canary islands, who i have no idea what their band name was, or what the hell kind of music they were trying to play.
I prayed, hoped and wished after every song for those immortal words that would indicate that my pain was coming to and end, and lo and behold when the singer, if he could be called that, uttered those magical words, “this is our last song”, i let out a cheer of joy.

Next up were Ra Ra Riot, who i had previously heard nothing about. I have probably glanced over something in NME about them, but dont really remember if anything if i have done. Colin assured me that they were pretty good, and he wasnt wrong.
4 guys and 2 girls came onto the stage, picking up their various instruments. The usual guitar. bass. drums (even tambourines at some points) were in the line up.
The girls added a nice little touch with one of them playing the violin and the other, after stupidly asking if you held an cello under your chin (which of course you bloody dont), i realised was playing a cello!!
Some good sounds coming from this band, who have just released their debut cd, and the singer at times reminded me a little of Morrissey in his vocals.

Onto the main act Vampire Weekend. We saw them at T in the Park back in the summer, and it was such a joy to walk into a crammed King Tuts Tent not knowing what kind of music was gonna come from the band that had just taken the stage.
Their musics like indie, poppy guitars mixed with infectious african beats and rhythms, and sometimes they dont sound a million miles away from the Paul Simon you would encounter on the GRACELANDS album.
The band were genuinely pleased to be back in Glasgow, and especially the Barrowlands where, only a year ago, the were playing their first gigs in the UK, supporting the Shins. Telling the crowd how much they loved scottish audiences from their first time here and also the reception they recieved at T in the Park.

“This is great” said the singer at one point, “its just like a festival….indoors….on a wednesday!”.

The band played most of their debut album, highlights included at bounce along PUNK A, OXFORD COMMA, debut single MANSFORD ROOF, and M79, a song dedicated to public transport after the bands impressive views of Glasgows underground rail system.
They even came back on for an encore, and after telling the audience they were gonna do a cover, which was something they didnt really often do, i watched with a grin on my face as a jam packed Barrowlands crowd sang along with the band to their version of Fleetwood Macs ‘Everywhere’.
An excellent gig, and the band brought a little bit of warmth and sunshine to an otherwise cold, wintry, scottish night.

These Vampires will be welcome back anytime, whether is the weekend or not, Halloween or whenever.

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