Alphabetisize!…………oh G!

  The band GENE kick off the next letter in my musical journey with a healthy 7 cds. Not only are some of you asking ‘who the hell are gene?’ but also ‘7 cds??’. Their debut cd ‘OLYMPIAN’ is possibly the only one really worth having, if you’re talking from start to finish and if you’re not talking about a best of, and came out in 94. It was frequently played back then, and still manages to find its way onto my cd player to this present day, and stood up against the other cds i was blasting out at the time such as Blur’s ‘PARKLIFE’, Oasis’s ‘DEFINETELY MAYBE’, Primal Scream’s ‘GIVE OUT BUT DONT GIVE IN’ and Duran Duran’s ‘WEDDING ALBUM’.

     Of course, i have all the official Guns n Roses releases, god knows how many times ive bought Appetite For Destruction. Ive lost copies of this album on many occassions but fell its an essential cd that ive always got to have sitting around, and it was religiously played every week while dj-ing in the Cavern.

  The new album is apparantly now ready for releasing, and when they first started on a follow up to The Spaghetti Incident i was just at the early stages of building up my cd collection. As good, or bad, as this album is going to be, it defenetely wont justify the 14 years that Axl Rose has spent working on it. God, against this length of time Kate Bush’s work rate looks quite prolific.

  Got all the cds by scottish rockers GUN, who have recently came back on the scene, although without original singer Mark Rankin. And also have a bunch of cds by fellow scots Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, which featured a very young Shirley Manson who went on to global fame with Garbage.

  One of the best stories i ever heard about this volatile red head was when she was having some massive arguement, falling out or just total disintegration of a relationship with an ex and she finally expressed her feelings by shitting in the guys cornflakes! This guy was probably thinking that he wasnt going to be taking any shit from her, but she begging to differ.

    I loved Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, and still do, ‘GOOD DEEDS AND DIRTY RAGS’ is an excellent cd. Maybe not everyones cup of tea with songs about drinking, aids, rape and masturbation but i think that its done all rather well and is not as depressing as it may sound when hearing about these subject matters.

  The aforementioned Garbage are on 3 cds, as is Peter Gabriel, who is recieving something of a new found cult following after being sung about on the current Vampire Weekend cd.

  Green day are also on 3, although ive possibly lost a few along the years whilst dj-ing. Saw them once when the headlined T in the Park on a summery sunday night.

   I was totally fucked, the sky was so blue at times i couldnt rememeber whether i was outdoors or in a tent. And also had to keep asking people round about me who i was actually watching. It was like some bizarre 2 hour long pop-punk pantomime.  Where alongside all their hits they were coming out with things like Monty Pythons ‘Always look on the bright side of life’.

   Ive got 3 also by GRANDADDY, of which SUMDAY is one of my favourites. If the saying goes that you’re never to trust a man with a beard, then these guys could well be the exception. Looks can be decieving and im sure if you walked into somewhere where this band was playing you would think that you had walked into an audition for some bizarre musical version of Deliverance, which would make it all the more amazing when you heard the bands sweet, lush music and harmonies.

   David Grays also on 3 cds, and Gomez and scottish might have beens Geneva are on 2 apiece.

   ahem….i have not one but 2 GAY DAD cds, yeah i know shocking on both accounts as myself and aaron found out recently when we stuck their debut cd on in the pub and both declared how shit it really was.

   Also got a couple from Marvin Gaye who, and i love telling people this story, would always masturbate before recording his vocals as it would put him on a euphoric high after relasing sexual tension and would make his vocals all the sweeter for it.

   Ive spent many times telling hosts of karaoke nights that maybe people in the pub should start doing this or well, or actually make it compulsory to have a wank before grabbing the mike for a song to enrichen everyones experience of karaoke.

    And got a couple of Go West cds as well. Once again i have no shame in delcaring how much i loved Go West, and was even popular at school for a whole week back in 1985 with the girls as they borrowed my cassette of their debut cd. Once copied though, i was banished back into geekdom and a vigourous training regime that would make anyone think that i was trying to become the new Marvin Gaye!

   Also at this time in the 80s i had a debate as which road the stucture of my hair should follow. It was a cross between Peter Cox from Go West, short and spiky or Simon Le Bons most recent permalookalike explosion that accompannied their Wild Boys phase.

   As usual the Duran option won and i briefly fleeted with having a perm. Although this came to a sudden stop when, on one occassion, i was having trouble keeping it maintained, the curls kept falling out. So, on foolishly taking advice from my mum, i put a few curlers in my hair. Which ended up with me having a full head of curlers in by the time i headed off to bed.

  ‘It’ll give it more bounce and life’ im sure my mum said to me.

  I was horrified the next morning to find that after a night with these curlers in i had woken up like Shirley fucking Temple! My mum was informed that i would not be leaving the house until my hair situation was rectified, and i wondered if i was going to have to shave all my hair off and become some mad recluse like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now!

  “Oh the HORROR, the HORROR” indeed!

 Rounding off the G section are various cds by a varied selection of artists.

  Damon Albarn, of Blur fame, pops up twice with the Gorillaz, and the Good, the Bad and the Queen. Theres one by the excellent Go Team! as well as soul legend Al Green.

  To prove i havent lost my gift for picking up any old shit i have the whole album by Gina G (surely Ooh Aah…just a little bit, is more than enough for anyone), a solo cd by ex Fine Young Canniblas frontman Roland Gift, which i dont really remember hearing, so even at a pound im not sure how much a gift it actually is.

  Theres solo albums from Pink Floyds DAVE GILMOUR, Depeche Modes DAVE GAHAN and scotlands LOVE AND MONEYs JAMES GRANT.

  The debut cd by Macy Gray, who i seriously believe is Marge Simpson in disguise. Have you ever seen the two of them together? exactly!

   Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, which i listened to last night, and was pleasantly suprised how good they were. Hints of belle and sebastian and teenage fanclub;

  Gang of Four, who although never having any real chart success, have been quite influential with the current music scene, including Franz Ferdinand. Even though the band, or more importantly the singer, is clearly mental.

  Goldfinger, who i had the fortune, or maybe thats the misfortune  to see a few years ago at the Barrowlands when the supported A. Thier drummer, who was appropriately named Damage, came to the front of the stage and pulled his trousers down and stick a chocolate bar up his arse! They then got a member of the audience to come up and pick a piece off this chocolate bar before Damage took the other bit out, took a bite himself then threw the rest into the audience. For this reason alone they deserve to have a cd in my collection.

  Genesis, Guided By Voices and Good Charlotte almost finish this section off, which leaves us to finish off with the current gloom laden darlings of the music scene GLASVEGAS.

  With a vocal delivery which has them sounding like distant cousins of the Proclaimers, they sing about social workers called Geraldine, about daddy not being there, about the current knife crime, saltcoats beach!!!!! and about how its always their cheating heart that makes them cry.

   The albums fantastic and mixes Phil Spectors wall of sound with the crashing guitars of the jesus and mary chain.

   With them currently holed up somewhere in Transylvania recording a special christmas album, a song “FUCK YOU, ITS OVER” looks destined to be a future xmas comedown hangover classic.

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