The Sam Cook(e) Book!

Ive, finally, just finished reading the John Peel book, MARGRAVE OF THE MARSHES. Since first buying it, its taken over 2 years to evetually sit and read through the lot of it.
I had originally made it half way through before putting it down and not returning to it. When i finally did i realised how long it had been, as i was using a 5 Euro note as a book marker and this was the only thing i had left from my last holiday with the gang to Gran Canaria almost 2 years ago.
it was a great read, and John was a very witty man. Even when his wife took over the storytelling half way through it remained a very interesting, and often funny read.

Im now looking through my stack of books and seeing which ones i havent read or have only briefly started.

I have this massive 500 page plus Sam Cooke Book, which i started a while back but felt it was going to be too much of an ordeal to stick with it, even though i know it would be a very insightful look into the great mans life.

I may well return to it soon although i feel i may be disappointed as each time i think of it, cant remember the title of hand but i refer to it as ‘the sam cooke book’, all i can think is that it would be great if it actually was a SAM COOK BOOK!

Imagine if it was filled with sweet soul recipes of the great mans favourite foods. And each chapter told how he loviningly prepared buns and scones with his own hands. Oh what a wonderful world that would be.

Although all this could, quite literally, get out of hand, because next thing you would know is that there would be some old, unseen footage of Marvin Gaye hosting MASTERCHEF, or with his own unique singing preparations, MASTERBATER CHEF!!!!!!!

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