Im sure ive got URBAN HYMNS still sitting around the house, somewhere, although i know the case for the cd is long gone, and im sure with a little bit of searching i’ll eventually come across it. Anyway, apart from that, ive got the VERVEs first two cds as well as the best of that was released a few years ago. And their new one is on my list to get when i have a spare bit of cash.

   As i briefly mentioned earlier me and my mate colin ssaw the band at the Barrowlands around the time Urban Hymns was just coming out. Another drunken night, where one of the girls was sick in the hall that was with us and then tried to grab anyone she could to dance with her for the whole gig. There was plenty room around where she was standing but this was really only beacause she had spewed on the floor. We also popped into Bairds bar before hand, the rough and ready Celtic pub right next door to the old dancehall. Coloured top to bottom in green and full of mean looking bruisers its nearly enough to put you off leaving the house ever again, but as usual when it comes to scotland and drinking, common sense usually takes a back seat so our drunken escapades that night included the two girls staggering up to the pool table, slamming change down and demanding they were up for a game next, while real life headbanges in vests in the middle of december looked on bewilderdly and also colin swirling a purse round his finger with no care as to how this looks to the average person at the bar before it finally came flying off and shot across the room until it slapped someone in the face. Never a dull moment.

   Oh yeah, and one of the girls fell down the stairs so had to stagger along to the train station while we shot ahead to get a well deserved bucket of KFC.

   “Im a vegetarian!” declared one of the girls, hungerly as we offered her some chips before her sister reached into her pocket, brought out a couple of pound and slammed in on the train table before launching into the bucket for a piece of chicken “fuck vegitarians” she shouted, “im bloody starvin!”.

  Theres the classic 1984 album from Van Halen as well as a double greatest hits, and two cds from VAST, which if i remember off hand stands for VISUAL AUDIO SENSORY THEATRE, or something like that. Very good stuff, where they mix heavy guitars with those mad monks that do all the chanting.

   And ive got two cds by the VINES, and also saw the group when they played an early gig at the QMU in Glasgow. Mainman craig already showed a hint of insanity when we caught him, sitting on the stairs watching the support act, PETE YORN, while hitting his empty plastic water bottle off his head. Then when playing, he kept making bizarre, funny rock poses and stuff and also jumping into the crowd, mid-solo without missing a note. A complete crackpot.

  The debut album this year from VAMPIRE WEEKEND is excellent, and ive managed to catch the band twice now. Theyve been wowing the fans at all the big festivals this year and also saw them more recently at the Barrowlands, where they even did an excellent cover of Fleetwood Macs ‘EVERYWHERE’.

  As for last years debut cd from the VIEW, apart from a couple of singles theres nothing really to write home about, i seriously dont see what the big fuss is about these guys.

  Finish off the letter V with two best of’s that couldnt be anymore different if they tried.

   One is a collection of songs from the legendary VELVET UNDERGROUND and the other is from those eternal fancy dress partyers the VILLAGE PEOPLE.

  All i can say is that ive never, drunkenly, stood in the middle of a dancefloor/pub/middle of the street and did manic hand dance movements to the Velvet Underground. Im sure most of you guys out there would say the same thing (apart from probably DAVE!) which means that although this band is the essence of coolness, if it came down to it we would all secretly pick the Village People.

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  Another section which should take no time at all to run through and should also be, hopefully, fairly painless as theres less than half a dozen artists under the letter U.

  Way out in front is U2 where ive managed to count about 13 cds, which include the two double best of’s and a live bootleg cd i picked up in Ibiza one year the same time i found Duran Duran Unplugged. In fact i think ive got all their cds except from October and Rattle And Hum.

    I know its easy to hate U2, ‘biggest band in the world’, and all that, but i quite like them and the twice ive seen them have been up there with some of the best gigs ive ever been to.

   Parkhead was good, although we were raging after fighting our way to get close to the front we then were confronted by the horrific prospect of watching the Utah Saints, live. Thats a bollocks statement right there if there ever was one. Live my arse, its all a bunch of pre-programmed shit. So we buggered off for a walk then took up residence at the other end of the stadium, on the terraces and enjoyed every moment from there. I remember big burning crosses on the screen while they were doing ‘BULLET THE BLUE SKY’. A song we found could be hummed along to almost half of the verve live set we witnessed years ago at the Barrowlands.

   The other time was at Murrayfield when they were touring their POP album. By their own accounts, this is nowhere near their best album, its full of good songs that werent totally realised properly at the time (theyve actually said at various times that they would like to go back one day and redo the album) but live they took on a new lease of life.

  The live show was spectacular, with one of the biggest screens ive ever seen on stage, i remember then doing ‘MIAMI’ to a cartoon backdrop of palm trees being blown away by hurricanes and roaring waves lashing out of the sea and engulfing buildings, it was pretty stunning stuff.

  If i was to pick my favourite of their albums i would go for ACHTUNG BABY, a change of direction for them at the time, but still full of great songs.

   And my acoustic version of ONE this year at the camp site got a few shouts of drunken approval when oen person actually shouted in the direction of our tent to ‘turn it up’. I can only come to the conclusion that they thought we had the ipod on and if that was the case then i’ll take that as excellent drunken compliment.

  I also like UB40s take on the whole reggae thing, and as well as having half a dozen of their cds, ive also seen them live one as well. A pretty surreal experience as it was sometime in the last 10 years at the Exhibition Centre and support came from The Pretenders, or Chrissie Hynde and whoever was left of the Pretenders, but both sets were great.

 Ive got 3 cds from Midge Ure, a guy who rarely gets the recognition he deserves, and has done a hell of a lot more, music wise, than most people will realise.

  By the mid 70s he was already topping the charts with 70s glam poppers SLICK, as well as being in the RICH KIDS. He actually auditioned for the Sex Pistols, but of course didnt look the part, and he toured playing guitar for THIN LIZZY at one time.

  As the lead singer with Ultravox he took them to chart fame during the 80s and also wrote and lent vocals to VISAGE including the classic FADE TO GREY.

   Of course everyone knows about his involvement with Live Aid and helping write Do They Know Its Christmas? and he also topped the charts as a solo artist in 1985 with IF I WAS. He even recorded a song with Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott (YELLOW PEARL) which ended up being the theme tune for TOP OF THE TOPS for a while.

  I saw him playing live once down at the Magnum in Irvine where he played an excellent set mixing solo material with stuff that he had done with Ultravox and more. And Ultravox are back together and ready for touring next year, and by the time its over im sure colins borther Gus, if he hasnt got one already, will probably have a restraining order out against him for the safety of the band.

  Theres an Undertones best of, which amongst many other great songs features the late John Peels favourite single, TEENAGE KICKS.

  And i’ll finish off this short section with actress/comedian Tracy Ullman who turned her hand to singing for a bit in the 80s and churned out the pop classics BREAKAWAY, SUNGLASSES and THEY DONT KNOW and could well be the missing link between all those 60s motown, phil spector girl groups and the PIPETTES.

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 TEENAGE FANCLUB are another of my all time favourite groups. Coming from Bellshill in Glasgow, they share a connection with the Beatles, not only in that there are 3 singer/songwriters within the band, but that they also make timeless beautiful music. With 8 cds of their music i have a great majority of their music, although im sure theres loads of early stuff, offical and unoffical, that i could still get if i looked in the right places.

 Kurt Cobain was fan of this groups music, as he was with quite a few scottish acts at the time, such as the Vaselines and the BMX Bandits and the best introduction to this band would definetely be with listening to BANDWAGONESQUE. Amongst many great songs on this cd is ALCOHOLIDAY, a song which i usually take great pleasure in crucifying with the help of an acoustic guitar whenever the opportunity arises.

  Seen these guys play quite a few times now, 2 or 3 times at T in the Park, a packed Barrowlands, the Mitchell Libraries and the Oran Mor and theyve always been amazing.


 Ive been a fan of Tears For Fears as long as ive been into music, THE HURTING and SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR are excellent albums. Theres also some good songs peppered amongst their other releases over the years. Roland Orzabel is a self proclaimed massive Beatles fan, and on their most recent album from a few years ago, this kind of shows. Because the album sounds like its been recorded by a big fan of the Beatles that basically sounds like Tears For Fears trying to sound like ELO who are trying to sound like the Beatles, but dont let that put you off.

   TERRORVISION were a great, good time rock band who had a knack for coming up with infectiously catchy tunes. OBVLIVION, JOSEPHINE, PERSEVERENCE and TEQUILA. At one gig they were handing out free tequilas to the peope in the front row which isnt really the wisest move when youve been jumping around, singing, and gasping for air for about an hour before hand. But i did manage to keep in down.

   Also saw TEXAS once and they do have a shit load of great tunes.

 TRAVIS are on 5 cds, which i would say THE MAN WHO is the best of the lot. Im sure i saw them live at the Tsunami gig at the Exhibition centre, but i couldnt (and wouldnt) stake my life on it. And drunkenly caught them at T in the Park when they were co-headliners on the sunday along with Green Day. I was pretty fucked by the time i got to withing hearing distance of them, but they were good. Although hearing them belt of NIGHT FEVER had me wondering ‘what the fuck was going on!’. Theyve always been good with a cover though and if you ever hear their version of KILLER QUEEN you would swear it was QUEEN that were actually doing it.

   THE THE are also on 5 cds, and were basically mainman MATT JOHNSON and a revolving set of musicians, who included at one point JOHNNY MARR. Theres a cd of HANK WILLIAMS cover versions which is actually very good as well as classic albums SOUL MINING (featuring the excellent ‘THIS IS THE DAY’) and INFECTED.

  TURIN BRAKES have some great songs scattered over the 4 cds i have of theirs and i have no shame in telling you i have THEN JERICO in my collection, although some of you may raise eyebrows at me having 3 of their cds. One of these is a cheap best of, and another is a cd released way after their hey day (did they have one?) when MARK SHAWS attempted solo career vanished before it even appeared to start. But the best of the bunch is THE BIG AREA cd, which is full of unashamed, over produced 80s pop. Im still scouring charity shops and bargain bins for their first album, so if you ever stumble across it, give me a shout.

 I would be as well getting this out of the way now…….i have 2 TAKE THAT cds. Im sure i never actually physically went out and bought them, it was more like when you never ordered something from that Britannia Music Club thing they would just send you something out anyway, and you usually couldnt be arsed sending it back. Thats how ive managed to end up with these cds. Honestly! And to be fair, they did write the odd good pop tune, BACK FOR GOOD was, and still is an excellent song, and who could resist drunkenly belting out A MILLION LOVE SONGS anytime it came on?

   Other atrists with 2 cds each are THERAPY? (screamager is still an fantastic song), TALKING HEADS, THE TEMPTATIONS (..’i know you’re gonna leaavvveee me, but i refuse, to let you go….’) and irish group THE THRILLS, whos gig at the Carling Academy years ago seemed to be like a blink and you’ll miss it affair. At one point we were ready to head into the venue when we realised chris wasnt with us and on returning to the bar we were in he was casually standing at a table, oblivious to the fact we had left the pub. This was the same pub, (if not the same night) that a karaoke was on while we were in. Never one to shy away from things like this i stuck my name up for ‘HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF’ by Duran Duran, and felt that i wasnt THAT bad at it. Although the table of people beside us seemed to disagree. And they were DEAF!!!! (im not shitting you!). Half way through the song, there seemed to be mad waving of arms going all over the place at the table before they all got up and left. Cheeky Bastards.

  Anyway, on getting chris, we shot into the venue, saw the Thrills short set and were back in the pub in what seemed like less than an hour.

  “Were we just at a gig there?” someone actually asked.

 I got into the TRASHCAN SINATRAS through colin, who is a walking encyclopedia on this group. A band who have been around for about 20 years now and actually come from sunny Irvine, i was converted by the gorgeous sounds of their WEIGHTLIFTING album, which reminded me of very early, and very good era AZTEC CAMERA.

 Theres a THIN LIZZY greatest hits cd as well as the LIVE AND DANGEROUS one. ‘LIVE AND BLOODY LOUD’ more like, as we all found out one very early morning in IBIZA when alistair decided that a blast of THIN LIZZY would be the ideal thing to wake us up before heading, at a crazily ludicrious time with massive hangovers to the water park. Colin not only managed to be sick on the bus, but actually through a hole in the plastic bag that we had given him to try and prevent him from making a mess. He then flumoxed the driver by simply turning his hat round as a preplexed driver stood, scratching his head trying to find the vomitting culprit. Then on getting to the entrance to the water park, colin assured the guy dressed up as some cuddly animal character that if he even attempted to come anywhere near him to have a photograph taken he would ‘knock his head off’.  ROCK N ROLL my man, Phil Lynott would have definetely approved.

  The rest, as usual, are all on one cd each, such as the TREMELOES (here comes my baby is a top tune), the TEARS (brett and bernard from Suede), JAMIE T, TINY DANCERS, TLC (ive no idea why), TRAIN (and its not even the one with Drops Of Jupiter on it!), and TOPLOADER (jesus!).

 From the 80s theres best of’s from THE THOMPSON TWINS,  TALK TALK, THUNDER, TEARDROP EXPLODES and a solo album by Duran Durans ANDY TAYLOR.  Not his first solo album (which was called THUNDER and im still looking for on cd. ANYONE??) but a cover versions album called DANGEROUS, which im sure could be dangerous to your hearing if you were in the room while it was on.

  TERRIS were one of those bands i read about in NME who were gonna be, but never were, the next big thing. As like the 22-20s i cant really remember what these cds sound like so will maybe have to revist them again soon.

  Finally, THE TWANG. Now i bought this ages ago, in what i thought was a mad moment of bargain hunting for only £3, although many people would now tell me that the actual bargain would have been keeping the £3 in my pocket. Up till now i havent even listened to the bloody thing, and feel that may stay like that for a while to come.

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 Deep breath for the letter S, as theres a shitload of cds to get through here, and in some cases ‘shit’ is the perfect word to use, and the one thats probably whispered more than once by anyone reading this.

   Starting off on the right foot with the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS and ive got 8 of their cds. Not the whole collection (dont have their all welsh album or Love Kraft) but im pretty close. And ive got a cd from one of their live gigs. I saw them live once, supporting Blur and they were great, watching the crowd go mental to The Man Dont Give A Fuck. And Blur were also a revelation that night, as colin couldnt believe how good and different they were live compared to listening to them on cd. It was basically like a pop band doing a punk gig.

   Got all the SUEDE cds, but sadly never saw them live. But as they did a little while ago as the Tears, im sure Brett and Bernard will, one day, come back as Suede. And 7 SIMPLE MINDS cds (thats a shock to me!)  although they do have a lot of albums out there and theres no problem in hunting them down in a sale or a bargain bin near  you.

   Got half a dozen SUPERGRASS albums, who i vaguely remember watching, from a distance, on the main stage at T in the Park years ago, and theres 5 albums each from the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and SPANDAU BALLET.

   Saw the Stone Temple Pilots at the Barrowlands when they got back together around the time of their SHANGRI-LA-DE-DA album, and though its safe to say that Scott Weiland is ‘a complete nut job’, they were pretty good. As were Spandau Ballet, or as they were billed, ‘Ex Spandau Ballet members’. The Kemp brothers weren’t in the line up, but it was still a glorious hour and a half of Spandau classics when they played the Garage in Sauchiehall Street. All the classics were played, and Tony Hadley even sung Duran Durans ‘Save A Prayer’. He also seemed to be ‘a bit pished’ which i suppose, like us, was the best way to enjoy a Spandau Ballet live performance.

  Ive still to get the most recent cd from SIGUR ROS, but have all their other stuff. I cant speak highly enough about this band, who do seem (and sound) to be as if they’re from a totally different planet from everybody else. Their music is otherworldly and it tends to make me think that this is the sound you’ll hear when you die and the Angels are there to serenade you up to Heaven. Seen them twice, just a couple of weeks ago at the Carling Academy, where they were amazing, and a few years ago at T in the Park, when i was so out of my head i was sure they were doing a Cure song in Icelandic! Sadly that wasnt the case, although flashbacks in my head always seem to want to argue the fact.

  Although a greatest hits cd is more than enough, i find myself with 4 SHED SEVEN cds in my collection. But their trip down memory lane at this years T in the Park was fun.

 On 4 cds each theres SPEARMINT (imagine northern soul mixed with Dexys MIdnight Runners), SMASHING PUMPKINS and the STEREOPHONICS. And thats 4 Stereophonics cds without their first cd being in amongst them. Bloody shocking! What happened to this group? Their debut cd was good, even Performance and Cocktails had its moments, but after that they just lightly sprinkled each of  their dreary soulless albums with a few catchy pop singles. They must have shat themselves when they did THE BARTENDER AND THE THIEF because they havent seemed to come close to this since then. TRAFFIC was an excellent song as well.

  Got 3 SNOW PATROL cds, and seen the group twice at T in the Park as well. They were okay a year ago when headlining, but to be honest nothing spectacular but when they played in the tent a few years before that, it was a different story. It was after RUN had went massive and the huge sing-a-long to this song would have made a glass eye weep.

 This was also our unoffical friday night party song as there could always be a few of us found at some random house we had been invited to or had simply just gate crashed singing this song at the top of our voices, with danny strumming away on his faithful acoustic guitar while i did my own unique impression of an electric guitar solo. Anyone who’s ever been at one of these parties will no exactly what im talking about.

  Also 3 cds from THE STONE ROSES, SPIRITUALISED, THE SMITHS, SPACE (yeah i know, 3!!!!) and STARSAILOR. ive seen Starsailor twice, and one time was when they were special guests at a Charlatans gig. Not that the neddy charlatans fans in the crowd thought they were that special. At one point James Walsh stopped singing midway through a Starsailor song to say to the audience that ‘they had been invited here to play by the Charlatans and that the group should have a little respect and stop throwing money on stage at them’. Well, if it had’ve been me i would’ve asked the fuckers if that was the best they could do and entice them to throw more money at me, then wind them up by picking all the money up after i had finished and had the last laugh as i headed to the bar with all their cash!

 On two cds each we’re got the SMALL FACES, the SPECIALS, SQUEEZE,  ROD STEWART, STING (no need, i know, sorry!) and SAVAGE GARDEN, who were once described by one clearly insane music journalist as the ‘australian duran duran’. BOLLOCKS!!

 Liverpool group SHACK are also on two and the song COMEDY from HMS FABLE is an excellent tune. Saw the Strokes a few times live and still have two of their cds, although ive had to replace their last one at least once and have lost their second.

 And although SILVER SUN never set the world on fire with their powerpop sound, SILVER SUN and NEO WAVE are full of little pop gems.  Saw them once at V97 when they were one of the first bands on. Not everyone was impressed by these guys though, as someone through a cake or a bun at them and on hitting the lead singer he shouted out the classic rock line……’which fucker threw that?’. Finishing off their set he also exclaimed that ‘you’ve seen the best now see the rest’. Quite right as well.

  The rest of this section is taken up by single cd entries from a wide range of whos who or simply who? of music and i’ll try get through them here without too much swearing or embarrassment.

  So in no order, we have THE SEX PISTOLS (never mind the bollocks! of course), i was never a big fan of punk to be honest but saw them play at the end of last year and they were pretty good. SCISSOR SISTERS, its the third copy of their debut cd im onto now, SIMON AND GARFUNKEL, SLY & THE FAMILY STONE, DAVID SYLVIAN (ex lead singer with JAPAN), the STRANGLERS (who, although they never had Hugh Cornwall in their line up, were excellent at this years T in the Park), the STYLE COUNCIL,  SEAL, SEMI SONIC, SAINT ETIENNE, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and SOUNDGARDEN.

  John Squires debut solo album lies barely unheard. Saying that he really cant sing isnt doing his howling any justice at all.  His other project, not counting the Stone Roses of course, was the Seahorses. A reasonably good cd with BLINDED BY THE SUN being the standout song.

  STAIND! I should be bloody stoned for having one of their cds, same goes for SUM 41, and god knows what i was thinking about picking up a SUPERNATURALS cd. These buggers used to play down the Beach Park in Irvine at our ‘not so famous’ rock on the water thingy every year, then we all went to the V97 gig in Leeds and who did the two girls that were with us go off and see? The Superbloodynaturals!

  Ive never heard of the SHINNING never mind given their cd a listen. I really have to stop buying cds just because theyre cheap. And i was clearly beyond help when i thought that buying a solo album by MADNESS frontman SUGGS would be a good idea.

  The SLEEPY JACKSON cd is rather good, and if nothing else its always handy having the SISTERS OF MERCY around as most of their songs edge towards the ten minute mark and are ideal for wandering off outside for a fag when you’re meant to be dj-ing.

   WILLIAM SHATNER does an excellent version of Pulp’s ‘COMMON PEOPLE’ but again, buying a whole album by him is a bit excessive. If you thought i was crazy, try and listen to Mr. Shatner.

  Theirs best of’s from SLADE, the SAW DOCTORS and SHAKIN STEVENS as well as cds from ANDREW STRONG (the singer from the COMMITMENTS), SCRITTI POLITTI, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT (yeah! that slash from Guns n Roses and Velvet Revolver) and SOUL ASYLUM.

  Rounding off the agony is a solo cd from Tears For Fears singer CURT SMITH,and no need purchases from SUGAR RAY and SMASHMOUTH. Buying the hit single (which i did) off both these albums would have been more than enough.

  SUGAR are good, which features ex-Husker Du frontman Bob Mould, the STANDS and the SIGHTS are fine in a retro 60s kind of way and you may have to google like mad to make up your own minds about SIMPLE KID, SOUTH, SPACEHOG, SPACEMAID, STRAW, SKIN (not the big bald black scary lesbian from Skunk Anansie but a scray non the less rock band) and SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES.

   And thats it!

 Okay, its safe to come out again.  Go for a walk to clear you head if you have to and just to warn you as we get closer and closer to the end of the alphabet and you think that the worst is over……you may have to think again!

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 Start off with REM and half a dozen of their cds. Of course there’s OUT OF TIME as well as AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE, a couple of best ofs, one featuring early stuff the other more up to date materialm and there GREEN and REVEAL as well. Ive never been a massive fan of REM, well not in an album type way, but over the years they have written a bunch of good, catchy stuff.

   My one chance of seeing them live passed by this summer when i decided to round off the T in the Park weekend going mental to Primal Scream, instead of standing, tapping me feet lightly and stroking my chin thoughtfully to REM. I think i made the wiser choice.

 And ive got 5 cds from RADIOHEAD, which is quite surprising really as ive always been quite reluctant to get into them in any big way. I always feel that no matter what they bring out, good or bad, they just simply wont get critisized, as in many peoples eyes, they cant do any wrong. Well ive mellowed over the years towards them and would actually love to see them live. THE BENDS, i would say, is my favourite out of their material, but i have looked at OK COMPUTER in a new light since hearing the dub, reggae cover of the whole album called RADIODREAD, by the Easy Star All-Stars. And these guys have also turned their talents on Pink Floyds classic DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, renaming and reimagining the album as DUB SIDE OF THE MOON.

 Theres 3 cds from the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS who ive gave up caring about a long long time ago. They hit thier peak with CALIFORNICATION and BY THE WAY and since then, god knows whats happened to them musically. The Red Hot Shitti Peppers more like. The other cd i have is BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAGIK which features their finest moment UNDER THE BRIDGE as well as one of their earlier hits GIVE IT AWAY, apart from that theres nothing much to write home about. Oh SUCK MY KISS, more like KISS MY ARSE!

 Theres also a trio of cds from scottish group RUNRIG, who i did catch once live down at the Magnum in Irvine.

 All the following are on 2 cds each, which include DAMIEN RICE, i still regularily listen to his debut O and theres been many drunken times when someone or other has managed to get some kind of cover version of one of his songs going. Ive even had jodie sing along with me once i had mastered the basic chords to this song and its always a litte funny and quite cute when she tries to get her tongue round the word ‘scenario’.

   A few best ofs from the RAMONES, a collection from the Rolling Stones as well as EXILE ON MAIN STREET and a best of from british soul singer ROACHFORD as well as his debut album which featured the incredibly catchy CUDDLY TOY.

   RAZORLIGHT, or Johnny Borrel to be more precise, get their fair share of abuse, so im not going to really follow down that road, after all ive bought their first two cds and stood and watched them at T in the Park years ago, although i could get away with blaming that on sun stroke. Im catiously leaving judgement until i hear their new cd, which ive read a few good things about. Mind you, certain music magazines gave their last cd full marks which is all fair and well but considering that they sounded remarkably like the Boomtown Rates (In The Morning) and a latter day Marillion (America) you wonder what the heal the reviewers were on.

  Theres the two cds by THE RACONTEURS, Jack Whites other group when not with the White Stripes, and both are pretty good. He doesnt have the restraints that hes put upon himself when recording with Meg and the music sounds great. On more than one occassion ive thought that certain bits of music or vocals wouldnt go amiss alongside anything recorded by the Beatles.

  Theres the first two albums by danish group  THE RAVEONETTES who mix everly brothers and buddy holly harmonies with a phil spectorish backdrop of guitar wall of sound, (thats if you imagine the jesus and mary chain being phil spectors guitarists of choice) and the two cds by the REINDEER SECTION which basically started as a drunken idea one night in Glasgow from SNOW PATROLS Gary Lightbody when he got loads of scottish musicians to agree to record together under this name. If it was a headache to get eveyone together for these two albums it doesnt show, with a scottish supergroup consisting of members from Travis, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, Arab Strap and many more wonderful artists. Gary even took one the song YOU ARE MY JOY from the album ‘SON OF EVIL REINDEER’ and featured it in some recent gigs by Snow Patrol.

  This section finishes off with cds from recent chart botherers REVEREND AND THE MAKERS, who ive seen twice now at T in the Park and both times there has seemed to be a ludicrous number of people huddled into the tent to dance themselves mental to the Revs infectious tunes, which include the excellent HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.

   Got Mark Ronsons VERSION album and well as debut cds from THE RAKES and THE RAPTURE.

  You should try and get you hands on the recent cd by RILO KILEY called ‘UNDER THE BLACKLIGHT’ as its very good.

  Theres best of;s from singing legend SMOKEY ROBINSON, 70s rockers RAINBOW and REO SPEEDWAGON, 90s rockers REEF (its your letters!!) and ex-Van Halen front man DAVE LEE ROTH. The guy is crazy as a brush and you should definetely give his book a read, CRAZY FROM THE HEAT.

  Got a cd by RIVAL SCHOOLS and the song USED FOR GLUE is a personnel favourite, and a cd from the RAPHAELS which features the late, great Big Country frontman Stuart Adamson.

 A best of from the RAILWAY CHILDREN, who only ever had one hit single with the gorgeous EVERY BEAT OF THE HEART, and the debut album by scotlands THE RIVER DETECTIVES which i luckily found in one of my many visits to the charity shops.

 Theres the mad as hell solo album by Dexys Midnight Runners leader Kevin Rowland, which was filled with bizarre cover versions, and also featured him on the cover with a pink dress on, lipstick, suspenders…..the lot!

Theres no point mentioning RELISH (whoops! i just did) beacause i dont know who the hell they are.

  “Ive never seen this before in my life officer, it was planted there!”

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In what has to be one of the craziest stories ive heard for a while, BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT director Chris Nolan and film studio Warners are being, apprantly, sued by Huseyin Kalkan, the mayor of a turkish southeastern town called BATMAN.

 He says that the town are due royalties from 2008s biggest grossing film THE DARK KNIGHT because the cities name was used without permission stating that “there is only one BATMAN in the world!”

  Does that mean that if this ever gets anywhere near a courtroom that Warners will have to role out Christian Bale, Michael keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and even Adam West to prove this man is clearly insane and that their is actually ‘MORE than one BATMAN in the world’?

  Maybe this is the guy who sent THE JOKER into Gotham City to create havoc and chaos in the recent film and hes just gearing himself up for a role as a bad guy when the next BATMAN film comes around.

  A Turkish villian, now that would be delightful!

We’ll just have to wait and see.

 Mayor Kalkan is currently working on finding evidence that the turkish Batman predates Bob Kane’s 1939 creation of the character.

 It has the makings of the craziest lawsuit ever which will no doubt, somewhere down the line, have someone thinking that this would make a great storyline for a film. Well it couldnt be any worse than BATMAN AND ROBIN.

 Tune in next week as we near the end of the long running battle between the Scottish city of Dundee and australian actor Paul Hogan, where the town has for years claimed that the stars films have had a damaging effect of their economy and tourism.

 And as the new slogan for the City proudly proclaims…………………………





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  This could be one of my shortest entries yet as Q is made up from about half a dozen cds scattered between QUEEN, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, and FINLEY QUAYE.

  Finley Quayes debut album ‘MAVERICK A STRIKE’ was a fine record, as far as i can remember, although he did seem to go a little mental after all the immediate success he received from the early hit singles.

   Im left with two cds from QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, after my copy of SONGS FOR THE DEAF did a runner. They are RATED R and LULLABIES TO PARALYSE, of which i had been enjoying playing EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT YOU ARE INSANE in the Cavern recently, before it shut down. And it was nice of someone who picked the song one friday night to say that this track reminded them of me.

 That leaves us with QUEEN which includes their first GREATEST HITS collection, A KIND OF MAGIC cd, which featured most of the songs that appeared in the film HIGHLANDER and MADE IN HEAVEN, the cd that they put out after Freddie had died and used unfinished vocals and stuff to finish the album off.

 Now Freddie had a very unique voice but there was one occassion when i attempted and in a weird bizarre way, succeeded in handling singing a Queen song.

  It was one time on our many visits to Dunoon for the Cowal Games  (the biggest pipe band competition in the world) that i ended up sticking my name up to sing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. For a change it was a glorious day and they had moved the karaoke from one of the local pubs out onto the square down by the front. It was a great setting looking onto the water and there were hundreds of people scattered everywhere, enjoying the festivites of the weekend.

   I belted into my over the top rendition on this song and by the time i got to the head shaking Waynes World moment, i was delighted when everyone sitting around watching me sing joined in.

  Once i had finished i left the stage to deafening applause and roars of laughter as my friends and many others fought hard to wipe the tears from their eyes. One old man stopped me as i headed back to my friends and took my hand and shook it vigorusly exclaiming in total disbelief that ‘that was the most amzing thing ive ever heard son”!

 My mum and dad had been visiting the Games for the day and as the ferry they were on was approaching Dunoon, my mum had muttered something to my dad about ‘would you listen to the racket that persons making trying to sing’ with which my dad replied ‘you do know thats scott thats singing, dont you?’

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Almost half this section is taken up with just two artists, Elvis Presley and Prince, and if you count all the double and triple cds then theres well over 20 cds from each of them.

  Ive basically been brought up with Elvis since the moment i was born, when i was almost christened Elvis but my parents chickened out at the last minute. Must be something genetic as i had mad thoughts of calling Jodie RIO when she was born. My mum was a massive fan of the King and im told she took me when i was still in my pram to the cinema anytime one of his pictures were showing.

   Now most of his pictures were nothing more than scenes for him to sing in, but his very early films showed a promise of things that would never come to be, especially in JAILHOUSE ROCK and KING CREOLE. Colonel Tom Parker steered him away from roles that would have been interesting to say the least if he had taken them on. WEST SIDE STORY, A STAR IS BORN and MIDNIGHT COWBOY were amongst the films that were offered to Elvis but, for one reason or another, were never to be.

  My collection covers most areas of elvis’s career from the early first recordings and his gospel records, through his classic 50s material, his 60s singles and movie tracks, and his las vegas 70s days. And he stiil remains one of the best voices around, even though he left the building just over 30 years ago, and he could sing a shopping list and make it sound exciting.

 Prince is quite simply a living musical genius who has continued to make music and survive in the music industry on his own terms. His record label went mental with the amount of stuff he was releasing way back in the 80s, even though he seemed to be firing hit songs onto a conveyer belt at a rapid speed and then batting them out into the park on one classic album after another (DIRTY MIND, CONTROVERSY,1999, PURPLE RAIN, AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY,PARADE,  SIGN OF THE TIMES, LOVESEXY and BATMAN were all released during the 1980s).

   He simply stopped calling himself Prince and saying that artist was dead and so he was no longer tied to the record companies contract. Even when he was calling himself The Artist Formely Known As Prince, he released a song called MY NAME IS PRINCE! Genius and madness are two words that were invented for Prince.

  I managed to get tickets for the opening night of his 21 date residency at the London O2 arena last year and from flying down first thing in the morning, drinking in various random places all over london and finally seeing the gig, every minute was a total drunken joy for myself and colin. Even if we did miss the first 15 minutes or so cos we were too busy at the bar trying to down massively large tequilas. And even though he kicked off with Purple Rain, i feel it would have been a bit of a anti-climax to finally hear this song live after i have done so many ‘unique’ live interpretations of this song while strangling a guitar at various random moments in my partying adventures.

  The gig was excellent, although its the highest ive ever been up at a gig, and kept thinking i was going to fall over the balcony. Colin cant seem to remember going to the bar when we were up there, although i can assure him that both of us went on quite a few occassions and the next day he struggled to remember even half a dozen songs from the night before. The guy beside me at one point said that it was great to be sitting beside people who were enjoying themselves, just singing and dancing away and i responded by telling him to give me a big giant hug, as i more than likely would never see him again!

 Theres 7 PRIMAL SCREAM cds in my collection and also seen the band on 3 occassions. At the first T in the Park back in 94 when the headlined on the Sunday night and we were all dancing around, in our shorts, in the pissing rain like happy maniacs, and also at this years T in the Park where they once again headlined on the Sunday night, this time in the King Tuts Wah Wah Hut tent. They were amazing this summer and it was an excellent way to round off the festival and Primal Scream were at the rockin best. Bobby Gillespies children were even joining in on the act, where they could be seen, standing at the side of the stage, headphones on to try and muffle some of the deafening noise and marraccas in their hands dancing in time with their dad as he happily sang about sex, drugs and rock n roll!

   Also saw them at the Exhibition Centre a few years ago just before christmas where colin excelled himself. When the band started playing Swaztika Eyes, colin got a hold of Ashleys leather gloves, squeezed them on and then shot to the front of the stage where he drunkenly and nazily waved to anyone on stage who may have been unexpectedly looking in his direction. He was also shouting at Bobby and Mani to grab their attention to tell them that there was a party back at his bit later that night and both of them were more than welcome. If they guys heard this invitation they never turned up, and probably a wise move as no matter how rock n roll these guys are, a night in irvine would probably kill them. We rounded off with colin comically taunting all the Zuton fans that happened to be sharing a train with us on our journey back to Irvine.

 Got 6 cds from PREFAB SPROUT, four each from PEARL JAM and PULP and 3 from THE PRETENDERS.

  Theres best of’s and studio albums from the PET SHOP BOYS, TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS and the PROCLAIMERS as well as 2 cds each from THE POWER STATION and MARTI PELLOW (yeah i know, i have no shame!).

  The rest is made up from single cd entries from ROBERT PALMER, who was also, for a little while, the lead vocalist with the Power Station, an 80s supergroup that included himself, John and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran and drummer with legendary 70s dance group Chic, Tony Thompson. Ive recently clicked onto the fact that Robert Palmers biggest hit ADDICTED TO LOVE, owed more than a little, to the sound and time that he spent in the Power Station. So he obviously thought he could take the basic idea and run with it on his own, and i suppose for a little while this worked for him.

  Theres the POGUES greatest hits, and it was amazing to catch these guys at this years T in the Park. Coming on before the main act in the tent that night, Ian Brown, everyone kinda knew that Shane Macgowan would probably have had a few drinks in him by the time he hit the stage. And boy, we were’nt disappointed. He seemed to stumble on someway through the second song and seemed oblivious to anything that the guitarist was trying to say into his ear. It was hilarious to watch the band continually change tempo as shane had already given up hope of keeping any sort of timing going and he gloriously finished off a frenzied FIESTA by repeatedly banging a silver tray over his head. What a legend!

 Theres also a best of from the PIXIES, who i saw 3 or 4 years ago when they reformed and played at T, the debut album from PROUD MARY, a favourite group of Noel Gallaghers and one of the few that ive seen at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, and best of’s from THE POLICE, the PSYCHEDELIC FURS and PINK FLOYD.

PANIC AT THE DISCO were only ever played in the Cavern and the kids seemed to enjoy it but i can assure you ive never been tempted to listen to the cd in the house. Honest!

 I foolishly laugh at the PAPA ROACH and PUDDLE OF MUDD cds i have whenever i come across them, and still feel i may have been shortchanged when parting 49 pence for a cd by the PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Even if its the one with the song PEACHES on it, which has the lyrics a 2 year old would probably shake their heads in disgust at….”peaches come in a can/they were put there by a man”. Jesus!

 Im drawing a blank with PURESSENCE, although i’ll get round to giving it a listen before too long and get back to yous on it and the POSIES, which i did listen to a couple of days ago and its okay. Maybe a bit too much with about 15 tracks on the cd, but the Posies are fine in small doses.

 The only thing worthwhile mentioning about the Pigeon Detectives is that jodie pisses herself laughing everytime she hears this name as all she can imagine is these real live pigeons stoating about investigating like mad.

 Finish off here with french band PHOENIX, and their 2000 album UNITED, which should put a happy little smile on you face and have you dancing around your bedroom.

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Alphabetisize!..O…possibly for Oh Dear!

 Starting off with Oasis, ive got all their cds apart from the newest one which i havent got round to getting, yet. I genuinely love the band and the comical crazy gallagher brothers, although that didnt stop us walking by the tent they were playing in at the very first T in the Park back in 94 to go and see Crowded House on the main stage. Well they were offering us the sight on getting some of the crowd to try and make a human pyramid! I did finally get to see them live last week and it was rather good, playing a bunch of my favourite oasis songs, i left very happy indeed. They’re never gonna reinvent the wheel or get close to DEFINETELY MAYBE or even (WHATS THE STORY) MORNING GLORY? but the world is definetely a more colourful place with them in it.

 Four OFFSPRING cds. FOUR!!!!!!! I can only apologise. And theres 3 from 60s singing legend ROY ORBISON.

 I did have a lot more than two OCEAN COLOUR SCENE cds, but thats all i seem to have left now. Their heyday off big album sales may be well behind them now but they’re still a massive live draw in Scotland and could easily play anywhere and make it a sell out. I still think that if they ever wanted to try and become really massive again that they should try and get legendary soul singer BILLY OCEAN to join them. I would be right down the front for tickets to see any gig by BILLY OCEAN COLOUR SCENE!

 Got the first two cds from ORDINARY BOYS, although didnt bother with the last one as it all seemed to go horriby wrong after the whole Big Brother fiasco. I did see them at T in the Park once just after the release of their first album and almost saw them again at the barrowlands. Myself, heather and jackilyn all had tickets to go up and see them but due to some mad railwork between Irvine and Glasgow meaning that it would have taken us ages to get up there and possibly wouldnt have made it back a descision was quickly made to just bugger off to Pitchers Bar and get totally pished. Its the best gig ive never been to!

 Got best of’s from 80s groups OMD, who have just enjoyed a successful 30th anniversay tour, and ORANGE JUICE, who are apparantly getting back together for a few gigs.

 Got a nice wee mini album from a group called OBI called ‘THE MAGIC LAND OF RADIO’ which you should try and check out if you can actually find it anywhere.

 Not only have i got MARK OWENs, from TAKE THAT, solo album, but ive actually seen the tiny fucker play live! And if thats not bad enough my credibility will fly right out the window when i tell you it was when he was supporting WET WET WET at their gig at PARKHEAD back in the 90s. And that was the fourth time i had seen WET WET WET. I know, i should stop talking right now. This is probably too much shit at the one time for any sane person to take in. So i’ll leave it at that for the time being, but rest assured theres plenty of WET WET WET coming up before this journey has ended.

 Oh, and while im on a roll, theres a greatest hits of THE OSMONDS here as well. No wait, come back, theres actually a couple of great tracks on here. Theres been a few times ive played CRAZY HORSES over the years, and looked at the totally amazement on peoples faces when i tell them that its actually the Osmonds that are doing the song. Or when ive played ONE BAD APPLE and people would swear blind it was actually the JACKSON 5 that were singing.

 Ok guys, its time to start scratching your heads as we finish off with cds from OOBERMAN (they actually had a couple of minor hits back in the 90s), OSLO (no, me neither), OUT OF MY HAIR (im actually listening to it right now and once again total amnesia rushes over me about how i have come to have this cd in my collection) and a group called ORLANDO. They were apparantly one of the groups tipped to do something around the time a type of music called romo was quietly whispered about. Its probably better for everyone that this scene never took off in anyway.

  Im off to hang my head in shame and give eveyone a breather before we get ready for the letter P, which i promise you has a fine collection of music sittiing waiting to be unleashed.

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 Not a lot to report for the letter N as theres not a lot happening in this section.

 Theres four cds from Nirvana, just the usual ones, NEVERMIND, IN UTERO, UNPLUGGED and a best of. When i first started dj-ing with colin back in the mid 90s in the Cavern we did have a drunken tendency to dedicate RAPE ME from IN UTERO to any unsuspecting females who found themselves at the bar ordering a drink when the track came on. In fact one guy actually came up one time and asked if we could dedicate that track to his girlfriend. I dread to think what he would have wanted us to play if they had been in when they were splitting up. NWAs ‘A BITCH IS A BITCH’ also raised a few eyebrows when we played it for the women in the pub. I feel our sense of humour has always been a required taste and it would take certain people a while, if ever, to realise that we were only having a laugh.

  Got the last couple of releases from New Order as well as the double singles collection and the earlier SUBSTANCE collection. Ive already told you earlier about how amazing their set was at T in the Park a few years ago, so i wont go over old news, although before, during and afterwards was all full of hilarious fun. And how colin managed to pick that huge woman up in the crowd without doing himself or her an injury, we will never know.

 Theres a couple of cds from the NEW POWER GENERATION, which is basically Prince with the band that he had after he was no longer involved with the Revolution.

   And theres a cd from the NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS, a kind of bizarre supergroup that was made up of Duff and Matt Sorum from Guns and Roses, John Taylor from Duran Duran and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. A glorious ramshackle of a noise which isnt nearly as bad as you may think it is with all that are involved.

 Finishing off with the only album release from the NEW RADICALS, ‘MAYBE YOU’VE BEEN BRAINWASHED TOO’. And although nothing comes close to the timeless classic of ‘YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE’ its still a pretty good album.

   And if you thought that this group just had one hit and faded off into obscurity, thats not really the story. Mainman Gregg Alexander was disillusioned with the whole thing of having his single go global so ended up disbanding the group and simply became a gun for hire, writing songs for other artists and just sitting back and letting the money role in.

  And if you listen closely to ‘INNER SMILE’ by Texas and ‘LOVIN EACH DAY’ by Ronan Keating you’ll find the soul, spirit and basically the tune of ‘YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE’ running through them.

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