Alphabetisize!………I for incredibly short!

This should be short, sweet and very painless. With only 20 cds coming under the letter I, how could anything go wrong?

  Im quite suprised to see that i have 5 Iron Maiden cds. Although, by far, my favourite by a long way has got to be SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON, which features the insanely catchy ‘CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS’, as well as other top ten hits, ‘THE EVIL THAT MEN DO’, ‘THE CLAIRVOYANT’ and ‘INFINITE DREAMS’. Bruce Dickinsons voice is, as usual, theatrically over the top, and makes the listening pleasure of this group all the better for it.

 IDLEWILD are on 4 cds. THE REMOTE PART being their most successful of these, although WARNING/PROMISES i feel is a far better album.

  Im told that ive seen this band, briefly live, when they were one of the many scots acts that took part in the Tsunami Charity Gig at the Exhibition Centre a number of years ago. But, like my mate colin, we find it hard to remember a great deal about this night, although it was drunkenly excellent. I also found out that the warning was right about not mixing ear-ache tablets with alcohol. Ive no idea if this could permanently damage your hearing but it definetely makes it a hell of a lot harder to stand up.

 3 cds by INXS and to be honest the best of is the only one here of any note.

  Ive got 2 Billy Idol cds, but sadly, none of them are the Christmas Album that he apparantly recorded a couple of years ago. I havent seen this anywhere, but myself and a few of my friends are sadistically curious about whats actually on it and what is sounds like.

   Cant really imagine Billy Idol with one of those ludicrous xmas sweaters on, standing beside a roaring fire, egg-nog in hand, snarling his way through ‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ or chirping that it was ‘a nice day for a…….white christmas”, but you never know.

  Elsewhere theres solo entries from INTERPOL, THE ISLEY BROTHERS and NATALIE IMBRUGLIA, and blasts from the pasts by IT BITES and ICEHOUSE.

 Finish off this section with INME, or more likely FUCK ME, if i ever get round to sticking it back on my cd player.

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