Elton John is way out in front in this section, christ he’s even hitting double figures, and its not all good.  But amongst all this is MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER, one of his finest albums, featuring LEVON, RAZORFACE and the almost perfect TINY DANCER. A song which now comes with its own ritual whenever its played, which basically involves us grabbing whatever alcohol is in our vicinity and declaring ourselves Golden Gods at the top of our voices, before downing whatever drink we have in our hands.

  BILLY JOEL is on 4 cds, although this guy has had hits throughout his long career, its once again the early stuff that outshines anything else.

   JIMMY EAT WORLD and TOM JONES are on 3 apiece, and the only connection these two have is that on going to see JIMMY EAT WORLD live, a number of years ago on my birthday weekend, i crucified Tom Jones’s ‘IM NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN’ at a karaoke in the centre of Glasgow. I then had some Rod Steward look-a-like trying to tell me where i had went wrong with my singing, not realising that i was, taking the piss!

 Theres PYSCHOCANDY by the JESUS AND MARY CHAIN as well as a collection of all their singles, in fact ive found two copies, and gave one to jodie saying she could have it if she wanted. She looked at both me and the cd curiously, before tossing it into her pile of music, which included Miley Cyrus, Rhiannah, High School Musical, Mama Mia soundtrack and  Leon jackson (for christs sake!), saying that she would maybe give it a listen to later.

   Other artists on two include the JAM, the cat (or as some people would say, the prat) in the hat JAMIRIQUAI, JET and JJ72. Once again people will be scratching their heads wondering who the hell JJ72 are, never mind why ive got two of their cds. You can probably find them out there somewhere, standing in the middle of a field, guitars blazing and shouting up to the sky “whyyyyyyyyyyyyy wont it snowwwwwwwwwwwwwww?”

 Rounding off another mixed baged selection of artists theres cds from JAMES, JANES ADDICTION, JOY DIVISION, JUNIOR SENIOR (i know! i know! just keep on moving), JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, JOHNNY HATES JAZZ, JELLYFISH, MATHEW JAY, HOLLY JOHNSON, JAPAN and the big bad and insanely mad GRACE JONES. 

   Having lost the THRILLER cd a long time ago in one of my more drunken nights at the Cavern, the only Micheal Jackson cd i now have in my collection is BAD. Quite ironic that the last decent album he released was called BAD and everything thats followed this has been pretty awful.

   It would be far more interesting if he decided to record the Robert Burns poems that, along with fellow looney David Guest, he has apparantly turned into show tunes.  

    Michael Jackson is no longer relevant music wise, and hasnt really been for some time, but the world would be a far duller, if maybe slightly more saner place, if he wasnt around.

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