Kicking off K with the Killers, and one of my favourite groups of the last 4 or 5 years.

  “They’re the new Duran Duran” i tell anybody who dares to listen to me, and theres plenty of 80s references in their music to back this up.

  Ive seen them live 4 times now, and they get better with each performance. Although last year, at their headlining spot at T in the Park, i was singing along that hard that each time i stopped, in between songs for a breather, i had to fight off a raging headache, which only subsided when i started singing again. I actually had to get some woman in the crowd to give me a couple of paracetamols to ease the pain.

   Who says its a bad thing to be able to get drugs at a festival?

 Also seen the Kings of Leon a number of times now, and although my copy of their first album is long gone, ive got the rest of their stuff. This is another band who get better with each thing that they do. And its one of the few groups i dont feel paranoid with when i attempt to sing along to their songs. The main reason being that I, along with possibly nearly everybody else out there, havent got a clue what the hell Caleb is singing about.

  Now ive never been the best at remembering lyrics to songs, i mean, i dont know the words to at least a million songs!, but with the Kings of Leon, you could be singing along to anything.

    Also got 3 cds by Kula Shaker, including their dodgy second album which they foolishly released on Hitlers birthday.

   They played a blistering set 2 years ago at T in the Park, declaring that they were ‘back to save the planet!” which included a 10 minute rocking HEY DUDE.

   We happily and drunkenly staggered back to our tents that night thinking that they may just be right and that their new album could very well change the world. As long as they didnt name it SCHINDLERS LIST 2!

  Ive got two cds from a guy calling himseLF the KING. The first cd is a work of genius. Called GRAVELANDS, this guy plays the role of Elvis as if he was still alive singing modern day songs buy aritists who have passed away. This means that we get bizarre and amazing covers of songs like ‘COME AS YOU ARE’ by Nirvana, ’20TH CENTURY BOY’ by T. Rex, ‘LOVE WILL TEAR US APART’ by Joy Division, ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ by the Sweet and many more in the unique style of Elvis Presley.

   Ive even caught the guy live, support the Fun Lovin Criminals at the Barrowlands one time, although the idiotic audience, as usual, didnt get what was going on. With them moaning that he wasnt even singing Elvis songs!

  One woman even started throwing drink in his direction onto the stage and when one whizzed by him he stopped singing, started telling her off in his best Elvis impersonation then sung Love Me Tender to her, changing the lyrics to rip the utter pish out off her. It was hilarious and she swiftly moved to the back of the hall. Long live the King.

 Elsewhere ive got a greatest hits by LENNY KRAVITZ, last years mecury music prize winner by the KLAXXONS, and debut albums from THE KOOKS, KAISER CHIEFS, KASABIAN and KEANE.

  Theres a timeless cd of hits by the KINKS and a great cd by ex Danny Wilson singer, Gary Clark, under the name of KING L.

  The dodgy cds pop up in the shape of a best of from KAJAGOOGOO as well as one from KID CREOLE AND THE COCONUTS and well as a muppets cd, entitled KERMIT UNPLUGGED, which featured various member of the muppets singing with real live music stars. A highlight is a completely off his rocker ANIMAL singing WILD THING with, i think, the one and only OZZY OSBOURNE.

Nothing spectacular to round off this section with the remaining cds coming from KINGMAKER (where are they now?), KING ADORA (who really cares where they are now) KINKY MACHINE (Just simply, WHO????) and KENT, one of those dodgy scandanavian groups who sound as if theyve escaped through a loop hole from the 80s, but have one shinning moment with the deliciously U2-esque 747.

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