If i was getting graded with each letter of the alphabet according to my music collection then L would probably be more like an F for failed!

  It starts off fine with 5 cds from the Lemonheads, of which A SHAME ABOUT RAY and COME ON FEEL should definetely be in any true music fans collections. Evan Dando has had a bit of a rocky ride in the big bad world of music over the years, but when he puts his mind to it he can make delicioulsy gorgeous music. Although one piece of music which looks like it will never see the light of day is a song apparantly called PURPLE PARROLLAGRAM, which he wrote with Noel Gallagher in one of his crazier times.

   Led Zepplin are healthly represented with LED ZEPPLIN IV, the double album PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI. a treble live album and the most recent best of, MOTHERSHIP which is a double cd of hits as well as a dvd of some of their best live performances. Phew! And if that doesnt sound exhausting enough, just think of the version of MOBY DICK on that live cd, which lasts that long that one time i stuck it on my mini cd player as i left my work in kilmarnock and the fucker was still drumming away as the bus rolled into irvine!

 I have no excuses or alibis for why i have 3 cds by the LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY. I think im the one that should be lifted.

  Artists with 2 cds each are HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS (and the two that i have of them are hardly what could be considered as any of their classics), the LIGHTENING SEEDS, the LA’s (yeah i know they only ever released one album, but there was a recent LIVE AT THE BBC cd released of some of their stuff) and LAMBCHOP.

  Also got a couple of LOVE AND MONEY cds, i did have more but as usual theyve disappeared into the big bad world out there. Anyway, ALL YOU NEED IS…. and DOGS IN THE TRAFFIC are still peppered with some great moments.  YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL is simply just that, a beautiful song and the best way to experience WINTER is to be gazing out of a train window passing through a snow filled landscape. And if you get a chance check out some of ex lead singer, JAMES GRANTs, solo stuff. I wish i could still, but most of those cds are no longer with me either.

   The rest of the L section is made up from cds by LOVE (Arthur Lees classic 60s psychedelic band), and  the MARK LANEGAN BAND (very good stuff, and this is a very busy man as hes sung with QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and SCREAMING TRESS as well as releasing a couple of amazingly good duet albums with ex belle and sebastian singer Isobell Campbell).

   A JOHN LENNON best of and a great album from SHELBY LYNNE, simply called ‘IM SHELBY LYNNE’, which has a soulful alt-country feel to it.

  When was it ever cool to like anything as shite as LIMP BIZKIT? and LINKIN PARK as well. You would be forgiven for thinking that i spent my mid 20s stoating about irvine on a skateboard, which wasnt the case.

   Ive no idead why i bought cds by australian group the LIVING END or welsh group LEAVES, and i cant even remember when the last time was that i listened to any of these.

    LOSTPROPHETS arent that bad, and im sure the only reason i bought any of their stuff was because they got their name from a famous Duran Duran bootleg cd. Oh, and also, they did a pretty good cover version of A VIEW TO A KILL.

   LITTLE ANGELS were good, in their time, and the lead singer is now currently fronting the newly reformed GUN.

   I would like to say that LONGVIEW had one really good song on their cd, but the fact that i cant remember what it was called doenst really say a lot for the song or the group, does it?

  Im sure bargain bins were made purely for my pleasure, and ive spent far too much time scouring about looking for new ones, as CYNDI LAUPER and LETTER TO CLEO will verify.

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