After almost 15 years of following Oasis as both a fan of their music and unique brand of comedy (everything thats came out of the gallaghers mouths has been comedy gold) i finally got to see them live for the first time last night.
Mixing new songs from the recent and well recieved new album DIG OUT YOUR SOUL along with sing-a-long classics, the band were on fine form.
There was no arguing from the brothers and not a great deal of talking either, obviously just leaving it to the music to do all the talking.

Support band SARGEANT were pretty unimpressive, and it now seems that anybody in the vicinity of Dundee and in a band have to try and sound like the View. God help us all!

Oasis came on, promptly, a couple of minutes before 9 to the strains of their instrumental track FUCKING IN THE BUSHES, before lauching into the first mass sing-a-long of the night, ROCK N ROLL STAR.
A lively LYLA followed then they brought us right up to date with current single THE SHOCK OF LIGHTNING.

‘This is an old one!’ announced Liam before the T. Rex riffs of CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL had the crowd, once again, singing at the tops of their voices.

A fast paced MEANING OF SOUL was followed by a couple more new songs, TO BE WHERE THERE’S LIFE and WAITING FOR THE RAPTURE. As i havent heard the new album yet, these tunes just passed me by, and ive no idea whether the were good, bad or whatever.

Noel then took lead vocals for one of his great b-sides, THE MASTERPLAN, and fought to be heard over the deafening crowd, shouting the words back to him.

Liam dedicated the lovely SONGBIRD to his wife, the epic SLIDE AWAY to all the good looking guys in the building and a storming version of MORNING GLORY to all the fit looking glasgow girls.

Another new song, AINT GOT NOTHING, sung by Noel, and if i remember correctly, sounded quite promising on first listen. He then continued with the singing duties as he fired straight into another crowd partisipating classic THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE.

Liams turn again, and time for the much talked about song he wrote for the new album, I’M OUTTA HERE. Its a slow burning, future Oasis classic.

Not that they could get any crazier, the crowd went mental when liam simply said ‘wonderwall’ into the mic before noel starting strumming the instantly recognisable classic. And they followed this with a surprisingly fresh sounding SUPERSONIC.

After leaving the stage they shortly returned for an encore that kicked off with a stripped down version of DONT LOOK BACK IN ANGER, with noel on acoustic and Gem on electric guitar.
Although the night was basically one big massive sing-a-long from start to finish, this was the big one, with Noel sometimes just drifting away from the mic and letting the crowd finish the words, in unison. Excellent stuff.
Yet another new song, FALLING DOWN,which sounded great and the guys could do no wrong by the time they smashed into CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA.

They finished off with a song that they famously played 15 years ago when the forced themselves onto the bill at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut and also into Alan McGees conciousness, I AM THE WALRUS.

1 hour and 40 minutes after taking the stage the band left to the sound of guitar distortion and also 10,000 deleriously happy fans, who had escaped, for a little while at least, into the world of oasis, where anybody can dream of being rock n roll stars and singing about the simple pleasures like drinking alcohol and having a fag can make the world a better place.

The guys are tighter and sounding better than ever, and it definetely says something about a band when they can leave out a song such as LIVE FOREVER from their set list, and have people seem not to notice this till afterwards, simply because theyre too busy singing at the top of thier voices to the many other classics they have on display.

Noel sings ‘please dont put your life in the hand/of a rock and roll band’ but when they’re as rocking and as fun as these guys i really couldnt think of anything better to do.

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