Another healthy, schizophrenic collection of music can be found in the M section.

 Kicking off with the Manic Street Preachers, one of my favourite bands and, of course, ive got all their albums as well as the 10th anniversay triple disc version of EVERYTHING MUST GO. I also had the same kind of thing for the HOLY BIBLE, but at the moment that has currently taken up lodgings at big stevies bit. Maybe get it back in time for the next anniversary.

   Seen the band play quite a few times now, they even played down the Beach Park in Irvine one time when the still did the Radio One roadshow down there. James always makes it look so effortlessly easy when hes up on stage and after their recent return to form with SEND AWAY THE TIGERS im eagerly looking forward to next years new album which apparantly will consist of lyrics left from Richey before his dissappearance on the 1st february 1995. It should be interesting as Nicky Wire has said it’ll be like what should have been the follow up to the HOLY BIBLE if Richey had still been around with also some quieter, more acoustic type stuff in the vein of SMALL BLACK FLOWERS THAT GROW IN THE SKY.

    Ive got 9 Marillion cds, and believe me, theres a shitload more out there to be bought if i was crazy enough. Im more a fan of their earlier stuff when FISH was still the frontman, and back in the 80s i must have played MISPLACED CHILDHOOD and SCRIPT FOR A JESTERS TEAR to death. Although CLUTCHING AT STRAWS could well be the bands, and Fishs, finest moment. They did successfully replace him though, and have continued, with no care to the charts at all, to healthily tour, sell cds, write, record and release new stuff on a regular basis. Theyve even got an album called ANORAKNOPHOBIA as a kind of reference to the almost trainspotting type religious following they have from their fans.

  Another favourite is Mansun and once again ive got the lot. The 80s influenced debut ATTACK OF THE GREY LANTERN, the fantastically bonkers SIX, LITTLE KIX, a best of and the KLEPTOMANIA triple cd that included demos for what was meant to have been thier, never recorded fourth album, along with b sides, rarities and live version of some of their classic tunes. Managed to see them live twice, and even fell over a bemused couple sitting on the ground during their set at V97, while i was drunkenly and vigorusly half way through my air guitar solo.

   The bands music has grown better with age and im patiently waiting for the time when paul draper decides its time for this band to return and be more appreciated than they were the last time they were around.

 Ex smiths singer MORRISSEY and space rockers MUSE are both on 4 cds each.

 Ive got 3 cds by the MULL HISTORICAL SOCIETY, which was basically just a name for scottish singer/songwriter Colin Macintyre to get his music out into the world.

   Myself and jodie saw him once, doing a small, short acoustic set in Fopp in Glasgow to promote his THIS IS HOPE album back in 2004. The songs sounded great even when stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and he was a very nice and pretty witty guy as well. Jodie just stood in amazement, watching this guy sing his songs with PECULIAR becoming one of her favourites at that time.

   At one point Colin threw his guitar pick in the direction of jodie, for her to catch, but in the process some maniac dived from the small crowd and wrestled the pick, from no one, off the ground. Jodie didnt seem to be bothered, and as i was whispering IDIOT under my breath at this, well ‘idiot’, colin asked for his assistant to get some badges out and said to make sure that jodie got some. And after he had finished his set he shouted her over, talked to her for a minute then signed whatever it was she was holding at the time. This was an excellent gesture from the man and a nice little introduction into the music world for jodie.

  Theres also a trio of cds from irish singer/songwriter legend VAN MORISSON. Saw him once at the Clyde Auditorium, or the Armadillo as everyone seems to call it, with an overexcited chris, who scarred the shit out of this couple when we were half way up in the lift and it was announced that Van was about to come on stage. It was as if he was going to challange the lift to a fight, or a ‘square go’, if it didnt move its arse and get us elevated to our seats. Got there eventually and i have to say, although chris is a massive fan of the Man, he seemed to fail to recognise when he came on stage. It may have had something to do with all the drink we had beforehand though, as i found it hard to focus on anything on the stage from where we were sitting. I even found out to my amazement that Chris Farlowe was a white man, but also that he was suffering from some sort of musical dislexia, when he came on to join Van Morrison for a duet of his classic tune GLORIA. If you’re not falmiliar with this, then at one point during the song Van passionately belts out the word Gloria, one letter at a time. So it was quite hilarious to see Chris Farlowe having trouble with this six letter word. God help you if you ever end up in a game of scrabble with him.

 And the less said about the three Matchbox 20 cds i have, the better.

 Theres a handful of artists with 2 cds each in my collection, including PAUL McCARTNEY, TOM McRAE, MERCURY REV, MEATLOAF, MARILYN MANSON and MONACO, who were a side project band by New Order bassist Peter Hook who, amazingly, sounded like NEW ORDER.

   THE MAGIC NUMBERS, who although look like they’re members of the Manson family and are big Guns n Roses fans, actually produce some beautiful catchy pop tunes. MOBY, who i suppose going to see live, especially during when the PLAY album was out, would be like going to see TV Adverts play a gig. Now im not talking about a group called TV Adverts, but actually talking about real adverts that appear on the TV, as i think every track from that album went on to promote one thing or another on television.

 THE MIGHTY WAH! (who are essentially just Pete Wylie) are represented by a double ‘best of’ and the wonderfully over produced, over the top and over expensive SONGS OF STRENGTH AND HEARTBREAK.

  Theres a triple cd of slightly more than you would ever really need to have by crazy 80s hit makers MADNESS and well as a few cds each from rocker turned bluesman, GARY MOORE and THE MUSIC.

 Single cd entries from the following include best ofs from MADONNA and GEORGE MICHAEL, a man who could be the face of public toilets with the amount of advertising he seems to do for them. A collection of ENNIO MORRICONEs finest western theme tunes such as A FEW DOLLARS MORE and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN as well as many more great film scores as well as collections form the MISSION, JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP, soul legend CURTIS MAYFIELD and crooner DEAN MARTIN!

  Theres this years excellent debut album from MGMT, which is a glorious poppy pyschedlic affair with slight loving nods towards Prince. 

The LOVELESS cd from MY BLOODY VALENTINE, which i found in a charity shop for £2! as well as the classic live album KICK OUT THE JAMS by psychedelic blues garage rockers MC5 (motor city five).

 I dont know why i have a cd by JOHN MAYER, and i dont even think ive listened to it. Same goes for Lene Marlin. Now im sure i must have thought that her single SITTING DOWN HERE was quite catchy in a throughaway poppy kind of way, but there was no need to go and get the whole album! And ive got a MOCK TURTLES cd, when all you really need is the one song, CAN U DIG IT?

  Theres a MONSTER MAGNET cd. Apparantly this group once laced everyones drinks at a gig they were playing with some kind of drug, and i feel on some occassions that certain bands must have done this to me as it would be the only explanation as to why i was actually watching and listening to these bands.

 Ive got an EDDIE MURPHY cd which doesnt sound anywhere as funny as it should, unless you count it as being unintentionally funny and the first MARS VOLTA album which ive never listened to from start to finish. Like one of their never ending solos, i feel that theres not enough time left in my life to try and make it through one of their albums. And theres a cd by another ex smiths member, this time is guitar hero Johnny Marr, with his band at the time THE HEALERS.

  Theres a bruce springsteen inspired cd by MARAH, the ska punk sounds of THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, hair rock from MOTLEY CRUE as well as stuff from groups you probably have never heard off and wonder where the hell do i get information on this stuff from, such as MONTROSE AVENUE, MOVER and MIDTOWN.

 Ha! the debut album by MENSWEAR, who were at one time meant to be the saviours of britpop and 90s music as well as the future of it. None of this came to be, but i still take mischievous delight when this cd may drunkenly get put on. Well its not as if youre going to stick it on stone cold sober, are you?

  Theres the second cd by MAXIMO PARK, their debut is once again a casualty of the drunkeness and anarchy that was friday nights at the Cavern and the debut cd by the Maccabees who we caught a little 2 years ago at T in the Park. I thought they were fine although colin made his feelings known by bizarrely sticking his fingers up at the band in protest at his dislike for their music.

 Theres the recent cd from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE were they threw everything from Queen, Guns n Roses, Pink Floyd, Kiss into a big mixer and came out infectiously catchy THE BLACK PARADE.

  Alanis Morisettes big selling debut JAGGED LITTLE PILL, which for years i havent been able to bring myself  anywhere near close to listening to  again, but seem to be mellowing with time and could probably enjoy a couple of tunes from this album now as well as the only, well as far as i know, cd released from MY VITRIOL. Who i saw live once, supporting MANSUN, and had one gloriously catchy song called ALWAYS YOUR WAY.

 Finally rounding off this section with ex suede guitarist Bernard Butler, dueting with the deliriously over the top vocalist David Mcalmont, IAN McNABB, who used to be the singer with 80s band the ICICLE WORKS and lastly and probably most leastly the debut cd by….ahem…..Richard Marx!

  Im sure if i tried to tell you that it wasnt as bad as you may think in an 80s american  over produced poppy rocky kind of way, that you wouldnt believe me, so i really dont think i’ll bother and i’ll stick both my hands up in the air and shout ‘GUILTY’ to having this apparant atrocity to music.

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