Not a lot to report for the letter N as theres not a lot happening in this section.

 Theres four cds from Nirvana, just the usual ones, NEVERMIND, IN UTERO, UNPLUGGED and a best of. When i first started dj-ing with colin back in the mid 90s in the Cavern we did have a drunken tendency to dedicate RAPE ME from IN UTERO to any unsuspecting females who found themselves at the bar ordering a drink when the track came on. In fact one guy actually came up one time and asked if we could dedicate that track to his girlfriend. I dread to think what he would have wanted us to play if they had been in when they were splitting up. NWAs ‘A BITCH IS A BITCH’ also raised a few eyebrows when we played it for the women in the pub. I feel our sense of humour has always been a required taste and it would take certain people a while, if ever, to realise that we were only having a laugh.

  Got the last couple of releases from New Order as well as the double singles collection and the earlier SUBSTANCE collection. Ive already told you earlier about how amazing their set was at T in the Park a few years ago, so i wont go over old news, although before, during and afterwards was all full of hilarious fun. And how colin managed to pick that huge woman up in the crowd without doing himself or her an injury, we will never know.

 Theres a couple of cds from the NEW POWER GENERATION, which is basically Prince with the band that he had after he was no longer involved with the Revolution.

   And theres a cd from the NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS, a kind of bizarre supergroup that was made up of Duff and Matt Sorum from Guns and Roses, John Taylor from Duran Duran and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. A glorious ramshackle of a noise which isnt nearly as bad as you may think it is with all that are involved.

 Finishing off with the only album release from the NEW RADICALS, ‘MAYBE YOU’VE BEEN BRAINWASHED TOO’. And although nothing comes close to the timeless classic of ‘YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE’ its still a pretty good album.

   And if you thought that this group just had one hit and faded off into obscurity, thats not really the story. Mainman Gregg Alexander was disillusioned with the whole thing of having his single go global so ended up disbanding the group and simply became a gun for hire, writing songs for other artists and just sitting back and letting the money role in.

  And if you listen closely to ‘INNER SMILE’ by Texas and ‘LOVIN EACH DAY’ by Ronan Keating you’ll find the soul, spirit and basically the tune of ‘YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE’ running through them.

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