Alphabetisize!..O…possibly for Oh Dear!

 Starting off with Oasis, ive got all their cds apart from the newest one which i havent got round to getting, yet. I genuinely love the band and the comical crazy gallagher brothers, although that didnt stop us walking by the tent they were playing in at the very first T in the Park back in 94 to go and see Crowded House on the main stage. Well they were offering us the sight on getting some of the crowd to try and make a human pyramid! I did finally get to see them live last week and it was rather good, playing a bunch of my favourite oasis songs, i left very happy indeed. They’re never gonna reinvent the wheel or get close to DEFINETELY MAYBE or even (WHATS THE STORY) MORNING GLORY? but the world is definetely a more colourful place with them in it.

 Four OFFSPRING cds. FOUR!!!!!!! I can only apologise. And theres 3 from 60s singing legend ROY ORBISON.

 I did have a lot more than two OCEAN COLOUR SCENE cds, but thats all i seem to have left now. Their heyday off big album sales may be well behind them now but they’re still a massive live draw in Scotland and could easily play anywhere and make it a sell out. I still think that if they ever wanted to try and become really massive again that they should try and get legendary soul singer BILLY OCEAN to join them. I would be right down the front for tickets to see any gig by BILLY OCEAN COLOUR SCENE!

 Got the first two cds from ORDINARY BOYS, although didnt bother with the last one as it all seemed to go horriby wrong after the whole Big Brother fiasco. I did see them at T in the Park once just after the release of their first album and almost saw them again at the barrowlands. Myself, heather and jackilyn all had tickets to go up and see them but due to some mad railwork between Irvine and Glasgow meaning that it would have taken us ages to get up there and possibly wouldnt have made it back a descision was quickly made to just bugger off to Pitchers Bar and get totally pished. Its the best gig ive never been to!

 Got best of’s from 80s groups OMD, who have just enjoyed a successful 30th anniversay tour, and ORANGE JUICE, who are apparantly getting back together for a few gigs.

 Got a nice wee mini album from a group called OBI called ‘THE MAGIC LAND OF RADIO’ which you should try and check out if you can actually find it anywhere.

 Not only have i got MARK OWENs, from TAKE THAT, solo album, but ive actually seen the tiny fucker play live! And if thats not bad enough my credibility will fly right out the window when i tell you it was when he was supporting WET WET WET at their gig at PARKHEAD back in the 90s. And that was the fourth time i had seen WET WET WET. I know, i should stop talking right now. This is probably too much shit at the one time for any sane person to take in. So i’ll leave it at that for the time being, but rest assured theres plenty of WET WET WET coming up before this journey has ended.

 Oh, and while im on a roll, theres a greatest hits of THE OSMONDS here as well. No wait, come back, theres actually a couple of great tracks on here. Theres been a few times ive played CRAZY HORSES over the years, and looked at the totally amazement on peoples faces when i tell them that its actually the Osmonds that are doing the song. Or when ive played ONE BAD APPLE and people would swear blind it was actually the JACKSON 5 that were singing.

 Ok guys, its time to start scratching your heads as we finish off with cds from OOBERMAN (they actually had a couple of minor hits back in the 90s), OSLO (no, me neither), OUT OF MY HAIR (im actually listening to it right now and once again total amnesia rushes over me about how i have come to have this cd in my collection) and a group called ORLANDO. They were apparantly one of the groups tipped to do something around the time a type of music called romo was quietly whispered about. Its probably better for everyone that this scene never took off in anyway.

  Im off to hang my head in shame and give eveyone a breather before we get ready for the letter P, which i promise you has a fine collection of music sittiing waiting to be unleashed.

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