Almost half this section is taken up with just two artists, Elvis Presley and Prince, and if you count all the double and triple cds then theres well over 20 cds from each of them.

  Ive basically been brought up with Elvis since the moment i was born, when i was almost christened Elvis but my parents chickened out at the last minute. Must be something genetic as i had mad thoughts of calling Jodie RIO when she was born. My mum was a massive fan of the King and im told she took me when i was still in my pram to the cinema anytime one of his pictures were showing.

   Now most of his pictures were nothing more than scenes for him to sing in, but his very early films showed a promise of things that would never come to be, especially in JAILHOUSE ROCK and KING CREOLE. Colonel Tom Parker steered him away from roles that would have been interesting to say the least if he had taken them on. WEST SIDE STORY, A STAR IS BORN and MIDNIGHT COWBOY were amongst the films that were offered to Elvis but, for one reason or another, were never to be.

  My collection covers most areas of elvis’s career from the early first recordings and his gospel records, through his classic 50s material, his 60s singles and movie tracks, and his las vegas 70s days. And he stiil remains one of the best voices around, even though he left the building just over 30 years ago, and he could sing a shopping list and make it sound exciting.

 Prince is quite simply a living musical genius who has continued to make music and survive in the music industry on his own terms. His record label went mental with the amount of stuff he was releasing way back in the 80s, even though he seemed to be firing hit songs onto a conveyer belt at a rapid speed and then batting them out into the park on one classic album after another (DIRTY MIND, CONTROVERSY,1999, PURPLE RAIN, AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY,PARADE,  SIGN OF THE TIMES, LOVESEXY and BATMAN were all released during the 1980s).

   He simply stopped calling himself Prince and saying that artist was dead and so he was no longer tied to the record companies contract. Even when he was calling himself The Artist Formely Known As Prince, he released a song called MY NAME IS PRINCE! Genius and madness are two words that were invented for Prince.

  I managed to get tickets for the opening night of his 21 date residency at the London O2 arena last year and from flying down first thing in the morning, drinking in various random places all over london and finally seeing the gig, every minute was a total drunken joy for myself and colin. Even if we did miss the first 15 minutes or so cos we were too busy at the bar trying to down massively large tequilas. And even though he kicked off with Purple Rain, i feel it would have been a bit of a anti-climax to finally hear this song live after i have done so many ‘unique’ live interpretations of this song while strangling a guitar at various random moments in my partying adventures.

  The gig was excellent, although its the highest ive ever been up at a gig, and kept thinking i was going to fall over the balcony. Colin cant seem to remember going to the bar when we were up there, although i can assure him that both of us went on quite a few occassions and the next day he struggled to remember even half a dozen songs from the night before. The guy beside me at one point said that it was great to be sitting beside people who were enjoying themselves, just singing and dancing away and i responded by telling him to give me a big giant hug, as i more than likely would never see him again!

 Theres 7 PRIMAL SCREAM cds in my collection and also seen the band on 3 occassions. At the first T in the Park back in 94 when the headlined on the Sunday night and we were all dancing around, in our shorts, in the pissing rain like happy maniacs, and also at this years T in the Park where they once again headlined on the Sunday night, this time in the King Tuts Wah Wah Hut tent. They were amazing this summer and it was an excellent way to round off the festival and Primal Scream were at the rockin best. Bobby Gillespies children were even joining in on the act, where they could be seen, standing at the side of the stage, headphones on to try and muffle some of the deafening noise and marraccas in their hands dancing in time with their dad as he happily sang about sex, drugs and rock n roll!

   Also saw them at the Exhibition Centre a few years ago just before christmas where colin excelled himself. When the band started playing Swaztika Eyes, colin got a hold of Ashleys leather gloves, squeezed them on and then shot to the front of the stage where he drunkenly and nazily waved to anyone on stage who may have been unexpectedly looking in his direction. He was also shouting at Bobby and Mani to grab their attention to tell them that there was a party back at his bit later that night and both of them were more than welcome. If they guys heard this invitation they never turned up, and probably a wise move as no matter how rock n roll these guys are, a night in irvine would probably kill them. We rounded off with colin comically taunting all the Zuton fans that happened to be sharing a train with us on our journey back to Irvine.

 Got 6 cds from PREFAB SPROUT, four each from PEARL JAM and PULP and 3 from THE PRETENDERS.

  Theres best of’s and studio albums from the PET SHOP BOYS, TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS and the PROCLAIMERS as well as 2 cds each from THE POWER STATION and MARTI PELLOW (yeah i know, i have no shame!).

  The rest is made up from single cd entries from ROBERT PALMER, who was also, for a little while, the lead vocalist with the Power Station, an 80s supergroup that included himself, John and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran and drummer with legendary 70s dance group Chic, Tony Thompson. Ive recently clicked onto the fact that Robert Palmers biggest hit ADDICTED TO LOVE, owed more than a little, to the sound and time that he spent in the Power Station. So he obviously thought he could take the basic idea and run with it on his own, and i suppose for a little while this worked for him.

  Theres the POGUES greatest hits, and it was amazing to catch these guys at this years T in the Park. Coming on before the main act in the tent that night, Ian Brown, everyone kinda knew that Shane Macgowan would probably have had a few drinks in him by the time he hit the stage. And boy, we were’nt disappointed. He seemed to stumble on someway through the second song and seemed oblivious to anything that the guitarist was trying to say into his ear. It was hilarious to watch the band continually change tempo as shane had already given up hope of keeping any sort of timing going and he gloriously finished off a frenzied FIESTA by repeatedly banging a silver tray over his head. What a legend!

 Theres also a best of from the PIXIES, who i saw 3 or 4 years ago when they reformed and played at T, the debut album from PROUD MARY, a favourite group of Noel Gallaghers and one of the few that ive seen at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, and best of’s from THE POLICE, the PSYCHEDELIC FURS and PINK FLOYD.

PANIC AT THE DISCO were only ever played in the Cavern and the kids seemed to enjoy it but i can assure you ive never been tempted to listen to the cd in the house. Honest!

 I foolishly laugh at the PAPA ROACH and PUDDLE OF MUDD cds i have whenever i come across them, and still feel i may have been shortchanged when parting 49 pence for a cd by the PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Even if its the one with the song PEACHES on it, which has the lyrics a 2 year old would probably shake their heads in disgust at….”peaches come in a can/they were put there by a man”. Jesus!

 Im drawing a blank with PURESSENCE, although i’ll get round to giving it a listen before too long and get back to yous on it and the POSIES, which i did listen to a couple of days ago and its okay. Maybe a bit too much with about 15 tracks on the cd, but the Posies are fine in small doses.

 The only thing worthwhile mentioning about the Pigeon Detectives is that jodie pisses herself laughing everytime she hears this name as all she can imagine is these real live pigeons stoating about investigating like mad.

 Finish off here with french band PHOENIX, and their 2000 album UNITED, which should put a happy little smile on you face and have you dancing around your bedroom.

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