This could be one of my shortest entries yet as Q is made up from about half a dozen cds scattered between QUEEN, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, and FINLEY QUAYE.

  Finley Quayes debut album ‘MAVERICK A STRIKE’ was a fine record, as far as i can remember, although he did seem to go a little mental after all the immediate success he received from the early hit singles.

   Im left with two cds from QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, after my copy of SONGS FOR THE DEAF did a runner. They are RATED R and LULLABIES TO PARALYSE, of which i had been enjoying playing EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT YOU ARE INSANE in the Cavern recently, before it shut down. And it was nice of someone who picked the song one friday night to say that this track reminded them of me.

 That leaves us with QUEEN which includes their first GREATEST HITS collection, A KIND OF MAGIC cd, which featured most of the songs that appeared in the film HIGHLANDER and MADE IN HEAVEN, the cd that they put out after Freddie had died and used unfinished vocals and stuff to finish the album off.

 Now Freddie had a very unique voice but there was one occassion when i attempted and in a weird bizarre way, succeeded in handling singing a Queen song.

  It was one time on our many visits to Dunoon for the Cowal Games  (the biggest pipe band competition in the world) that i ended up sticking my name up to sing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. For a change it was a glorious day and they had moved the karaoke from one of the local pubs out onto the square down by the front. It was a great setting looking onto the water and there were hundreds of people scattered everywhere, enjoying the festivites of the weekend.

   I belted into my over the top rendition on this song and by the time i got to the head shaking Waynes World moment, i was delighted when everyone sitting around watching me sing joined in.

  Once i had finished i left the stage to deafening applause and roars of laughter as my friends and many others fought hard to wipe the tears from their eyes. One old man stopped me as i headed back to my friends and took my hand and shook it vigorusly exclaiming in total disbelief that ‘that was the most amzing thing ive ever heard son”!

 My mum and dad had been visiting the Games for the day and as the ferry they were on was approaching Dunoon, my mum had muttered something to my dad about ‘would you listen to the racket that persons making trying to sing’ with which my dad replied ‘you do know thats scott thats singing, dont you?’

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