Start off with REM and half a dozen of their cds. Of course there’s OUT OF TIME as well as AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE, a couple of best ofs, one featuring early stuff the other more up to date materialm and there GREEN and REVEAL as well. Ive never been a massive fan of REM, well not in an album type way, but over the years they have written a bunch of good, catchy stuff.

   My one chance of seeing them live passed by this summer when i decided to round off the T in the Park weekend going mental to Primal Scream, instead of standing, tapping me feet lightly and stroking my chin thoughtfully to REM. I think i made the wiser choice.

 And ive got 5 cds from RADIOHEAD, which is quite surprising really as ive always been quite reluctant to get into them in any big way. I always feel that no matter what they bring out, good or bad, they just simply wont get critisized, as in many peoples eyes, they cant do any wrong. Well ive mellowed over the years towards them and would actually love to see them live. THE BENDS, i would say, is my favourite out of their material, but i have looked at OK COMPUTER in a new light since hearing the dub, reggae cover of the whole album called RADIODREAD, by the Easy Star All-Stars. And these guys have also turned their talents on Pink Floyds classic DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, renaming and reimagining the album as DUB SIDE OF THE MOON.

 Theres 3 cds from the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS who ive gave up caring about a long long time ago. They hit thier peak with CALIFORNICATION and BY THE WAY and since then, god knows whats happened to them musically. The Red Hot Shitti Peppers more like. The other cd i have is BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAGIK which features their finest moment UNDER THE BRIDGE as well as one of their earlier hits GIVE IT AWAY, apart from that theres nothing much to write home about. Oh SUCK MY KISS, more like KISS MY ARSE!

 Theres also a trio of cds from scottish group RUNRIG, who i did catch once live down at the Magnum in Irvine.

 All the following are on 2 cds each, which include DAMIEN RICE, i still regularily listen to his debut O and theres been many drunken times when someone or other has managed to get some kind of cover version of one of his songs going. Ive even had jodie sing along with me once i had mastered the basic chords to this song and its always a litte funny and quite cute when she tries to get her tongue round the word ‘scenario’.

   A few best ofs from the RAMONES, a collection from the Rolling Stones as well as EXILE ON MAIN STREET and a best of from british soul singer ROACHFORD as well as his debut album which featured the incredibly catchy CUDDLY TOY.

   RAZORLIGHT, or Johnny Borrel to be more precise, get their fair share of abuse, so im not going to really follow down that road, after all ive bought their first two cds and stood and watched them at T in the Park years ago, although i could get away with blaming that on sun stroke. Im catiously leaving judgement until i hear their new cd, which ive read a few good things about. Mind you, certain music magazines gave their last cd full marks which is all fair and well but considering that they sounded remarkably like the Boomtown Rates (In The Morning) and a latter day Marillion (America) you wonder what the heal the reviewers were on.

  Theres the two cds by THE RACONTEURS, Jack Whites other group when not with the White Stripes, and both are pretty good. He doesnt have the restraints that hes put upon himself when recording with Meg and the music sounds great. On more than one occassion ive thought that certain bits of music or vocals wouldnt go amiss alongside anything recorded by the Beatles.

  Theres the first two albums by danish group  THE RAVEONETTES who mix everly brothers and buddy holly harmonies with a phil spectorish backdrop of guitar wall of sound, (thats if you imagine the jesus and mary chain being phil spectors guitarists of choice) and the two cds by the REINDEER SECTION which basically started as a drunken idea one night in Glasgow from SNOW PATROLS Gary Lightbody when he got loads of scottish musicians to agree to record together under this name. If it was a headache to get eveyone together for these two albums it doesnt show, with a scottish supergroup consisting of members from Travis, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, Arab Strap and many more wonderful artists. Gary even took one the song YOU ARE MY JOY from the album ‘SON OF EVIL REINDEER’ and featured it in some recent gigs by Snow Patrol.

  This section finishes off with cds from recent chart botherers REVEREND AND THE MAKERS, who ive seen twice now at T in the Park and both times there has seemed to be a ludicrous number of people huddled into the tent to dance themselves mental to the Revs infectious tunes, which include the excellent HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.

   Got Mark Ronsons VERSION album and well as debut cds from THE RAKES and THE RAPTURE.

  You should try and get you hands on the recent cd by RILO KILEY called ‘UNDER THE BLACKLIGHT’ as its very good.

  Theres best of;s from singing legend SMOKEY ROBINSON, 70s rockers RAINBOW and REO SPEEDWAGON, 90s rockers REEF (its your letters!!) and ex-Van Halen front man DAVE LEE ROTH. The guy is crazy as a brush and you should definetely give his book a read, CRAZY FROM THE HEAT.

  Got a cd by RIVAL SCHOOLS and the song USED FOR GLUE is a personnel favourite, and a cd from the RAPHAELS which features the late, great Big Country frontman Stuart Adamson.

 A best of from the RAILWAY CHILDREN, who only ever had one hit single with the gorgeous EVERY BEAT OF THE HEART, and the debut album by scotlands THE RIVER DETECTIVES which i luckily found in one of my many visits to the charity shops.

 Theres the mad as hell solo album by Dexys Midnight Runners leader Kevin Rowland, which was filled with bizarre cover versions, and also featured him on the cover with a pink dress on, lipstick, suspenders…..the lot!

Theres no point mentioning RELISH (whoops! i just did) beacause i dont know who the hell they are.

  “Ive never seen this before in my life officer, it was planted there!”

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