Deep breath for the letter S, as theres a shitload of cds to get through here, and in some cases ‘shit’ is the perfect word to use, and the one thats probably whispered more than once by anyone reading this.

   Starting off on the right foot with the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS and ive got 8 of their cds. Not the whole collection (dont have their all welsh album or Love Kraft) but im pretty close. And ive got a cd from one of their live gigs. I saw them live once, supporting Blur and they were great, watching the crowd go mental to The Man Dont Give A Fuck. And Blur were also a revelation that night, as colin couldnt believe how good and different they were live compared to listening to them on cd. It was basically like a pop band doing a punk gig.

   Got all the SUEDE cds, but sadly never saw them live. But as they did a little while ago as the Tears, im sure Brett and Bernard will, one day, come back as Suede. And 7 SIMPLE MINDS cds (thats a shock to me!)  although they do have a lot of albums out there and theres no problem in hunting them down in a sale or a bargain bin near  you.

   Got half a dozen SUPERGRASS albums, who i vaguely remember watching, from a distance, on the main stage at T in the Park years ago, and theres 5 albums each from the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and SPANDAU BALLET.

   Saw the Stone Temple Pilots at the Barrowlands when they got back together around the time of their SHANGRI-LA-DE-DA album, and though its safe to say that Scott Weiland is ‘a complete nut job’, they were pretty good. As were Spandau Ballet, or as they were billed, ‘Ex Spandau Ballet members’. The Kemp brothers weren’t in the line up, but it was still a glorious hour and a half of Spandau classics when they played the Garage in Sauchiehall Street. All the classics were played, and Tony Hadley even sung Duran Durans ‘Save A Prayer’. He also seemed to be ‘a bit pished’ which i suppose, like us, was the best way to enjoy a Spandau Ballet live performance.

  Ive still to get the most recent cd from SIGUR ROS, but have all their other stuff. I cant speak highly enough about this band, who do seem (and sound) to be as if they’re from a totally different planet from everybody else. Their music is otherworldly and it tends to make me think that this is the sound you’ll hear when you die and the Angels are there to serenade you up to Heaven. Seen them twice, just a couple of weeks ago at the Carling Academy, where they were amazing, and a few years ago at T in the Park, when i was so out of my head i was sure they were doing a Cure song in Icelandic! Sadly that wasnt the case, although flashbacks in my head always seem to want to argue the fact.

  Although a greatest hits cd is more than enough, i find myself with 4 SHED SEVEN cds in my collection. But their trip down memory lane at this years T in the Park was fun.

 On 4 cds each theres SPEARMINT (imagine northern soul mixed with Dexys MIdnight Runners), SMASHING PUMPKINS and the STEREOPHONICS. And thats 4 Stereophonics cds without their first cd being in amongst them. Bloody shocking! What happened to this group? Their debut cd was good, even Performance and Cocktails had its moments, but after that they just lightly sprinkled each of  their dreary soulless albums with a few catchy pop singles. They must have shat themselves when they did THE BARTENDER AND THE THIEF because they havent seemed to come close to this since then. TRAFFIC was an excellent song as well.

  Got 3 SNOW PATROL cds, and seen the group twice at T in the Park as well. They were okay a year ago when headlining, but to be honest nothing spectacular but when they played in the tent a few years before that, it was a different story. It was after RUN had went massive and the huge sing-a-long to this song would have made a glass eye weep.

 This was also our unoffical friday night party song as there could always be a few of us found at some random house we had been invited to or had simply just gate crashed singing this song at the top of our voices, with danny strumming away on his faithful acoustic guitar while i did my own unique impression of an electric guitar solo. Anyone who’s ever been at one of these parties will no exactly what im talking about.

  Also 3 cds from THE STONE ROSES, SPIRITUALISED, THE SMITHS, SPACE (yeah i know, 3!!!!) and STARSAILOR. ive seen Starsailor twice, and one time was when they were special guests at a Charlatans gig. Not that the neddy charlatans fans in the crowd thought they were that special. At one point James Walsh stopped singing midway through a Starsailor song to say to the audience that ‘they had been invited here to play by the Charlatans and that the group should have a little respect and stop throwing money on stage at them’. Well, if it had’ve been me i would’ve asked the fuckers if that was the best they could do and entice them to throw more money at me, then wind them up by picking all the money up after i had finished and had the last laugh as i headed to the bar with all their cash!

 On two cds each we’re got the SMALL FACES, the SPECIALS, SQUEEZE,  ROD STEWART, STING (no need, i know, sorry!) and SAVAGE GARDEN, who were once described by one clearly insane music journalist as the ‘australian duran duran’. BOLLOCKS!!

 Liverpool group SHACK are also on two and the song COMEDY from HMS FABLE is an excellent tune. Saw the Strokes a few times live and still have two of their cds, although ive had to replace their last one at least once and have lost their second.

 And although SILVER SUN never set the world on fire with their powerpop sound, SILVER SUN and NEO WAVE are full of little pop gems.  Saw them once at V97 when they were one of the first bands on. Not everyone was impressed by these guys though, as someone through a cake or a bun at them and on hitting the lead singer he shouted out the classic rock line……’which fucker threw that?’. Finishing off their set he also exclaimed that ‘you’ve seen the best now see the rest’. Quite right as well.

  The rest of this section is taken up by single cd entries from a wide range of whos who or simply who? of music and i’ll try get through them here without too much swearing or embarrassment.

  So in no order, we have THE SEX PISTOLS (never mind the bollocks! of course), i was never a big fan of punk to be honest but saw them play at the end of last year and they were pretty good. SCISSOR SISTERS, its the third copy of their debut cd im onto now, SIMON AND GARFUNKEL, SLY & THE FAMILY STONE, DAVID SYLVIAN (ex lead singer with JAPAN), the STRANGLERS (who, although they never had Hugh Cornwall in their line up, were excellent at this years T in the Park), the STYLE COUNCIL,  SEAL, SEMI SONIC, SAINT ETIENNE, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and SOUNDGARDEN.

  John Squires debut solo album lies barely unheard. Saying that he really cant sing isnt doing his howling any justice at all.  His other project, not counting the Stone Roses of course, was the Seahorses. A reasonably good cd with BLINDED BY THE SUN being the standout song.

  STAIND! I should be bloody stoned for having one of their cds, same goes for SUM 41, and god knows what i was thinking about picking up a SUPERNATURALS cd. These buggers used to play down the Beach Park in Irvine at our ‘not so famous’ rock on the water thingy every year, then we all went to the V97 gig in Leeds and who did the two girls that were with us go off and see? The Superbloodynaturals!

  Ive never heard of the SHINNING never mind given their cd a listen. I really have to stop buying cds just because theyre cheap. And i was clearly beyond help when i thought that buying a solo album by MADNESS frontman SUGGS would be a good idea.

  The SLEEPY JACKSON cd is rather good, and if nothing else its always handy having the SISTERS OF MERCY around as most of their songs edge towards the ten minute mark and are ideal for wandering off outside for a fag when you’re meant to be dj-ing.

   WILLIAM SHATNER does an excellent version of Pulp’s ‘COMMON PEOPLE’ but again, buying a whole album by him is a bit excessive. If you thought i was crazy, try and listen to Mr. Shatner.

  Theirs best of’s from SLADE, the SAW DOCTORS and SHAKIN STEVENS as well as cds from ANDREW STRONG (the singer from the COMMITMENTS), SCRITTI POLITTI, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT (yeah! that slash from Guns n Roses and Velvet Revolver) and SOUL ASYLUM.

  Rounding off the agony is a solo cd from Tears For Fears singer CURT SMITH,and no need purchases from SUGAR RAY and SMASHMOUTH. Buying the hit single (which i did) off both these albums would have been more than enough.

  SUGAR are good, which features ex-Husker Du frontman Bob Mould, the STANDS and the SIGHTS are fine in a retro 60s kind of way and you may have to google like mad to make up your own minds about SIMPLE KID, SOUTH, SPACEHOG, SPACEMAID, STRAW, SKIN (not the big bald black scary lesbian from Skunk Anansie but a scray non the less rock band) and SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES.

   And thats it!

 Okay, its safe to come out again.  Go for a walk to clear you head if you have to and just to warn you as we get closer and closer to the end of the alphabet and you think that the worst is over……you may have to think again!

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