Im sure ive got URBAN HYMNS still sitting around the house, somewhere, although i know the case for the cd is long gone, and im sure with a little bit of searching i’ll eventually come across it. Anyway, apart from that, ive got the VERVEs first two cds as well as the best of that was released a few years ago. And their new one is on my list to get when i have a spare bit of cash.

   As i briefly mentioned earlier me and my mate colin ssaw the band at the Barrowlands around the time Urban Hymns was just coming out. Another drunken night, where one of the girls was sick in the hall that was with us and then tried to grab anyone she could to dance with her for the whole gig. There was plenty room around where she was standing but this was really only beacause she had spewed on the floor. We also popped into Bairds bar before hand, the rough and ready Celtic pub right next door to the old dancehall. Coloured top to bottom in green and full of mean looking bruisers its nearly enough to put you off leaving the house ever again, but as usual when it comes to scotland and drinking, common sense usually takes a back seat so our drunken escapades that night included the two girls staggering up to the pool table, slamming change down and demanding they were up for a game next, while real life headbanges in vests in the middle of december looked on bewilderdly and also colin swirling a purse round his finger with no care as to how this looks to the average person at the bar before it finally came flying off and shot across the room until it slapped someone in the face. Never a dull moment.

   Oh yeah, and one of the girls fell down the stairs so had to stagger along to the train station while we shot ahead to get a well deserved bucket of KFC.

   “Im a vegetarian!” declared one of the girls, hungerly as we offered her some chips before her sister reached into her pocket, brought out a couple of pound and slammed in on the train table before launching into the bucket for a piece of chicken “fuck vegitarians” she shouted, “im bloody starvin!”.

  Theres the classic 1984 album from Van Halen as well as a double greatest hits, and two cds from VAST, which if i remember off hand stands for VISUAL AUDIO SENSORY THEATRE, or something like that. Very good stuff, where they mix heavy guitars with those mad monks that do all the chanting.

   And ive got two cds by the VINES, and also saw the group when they played an early gig at the QMU in Glasgow. Mainman craig already showed a hint of insanity when we caught him, sitting on the stairs watching the support act, PETE YORN, while hitting his empty plastic water bottle off his head. Then when playing, he kept making bizarre, funny rock poses and stuff and also jumping into the crowd, mid-solo without missing a note. A complete crackpot.

  The debut album this year from VAMPIRE WEEKEND is excellent, and ive managed to catch the band twice now. Theyve been wowing the fans at all the big festivals this year and also saw them more recently at the Barrowlands, where they even did an excellent cover of Fleetwood Macs ‘EVERYWHERE’.

  As for last years debut cd from the VIEW, apart from a couple of singles theres nothing really to write home about, i seriously dont see what the big fuss is about these guys.

  Finish off the letter V with two best of’s that couldnt be anymore different if they tried.

   One is a collection of songs from the legendary VELVET UNDERGROUND and the other is from those eternal fancy dress partyers the VILLAGE PEOPLE.

  All i can say is that ive never, drunkenly, stood in the middle of a dancefloor/pub/middle of the street and did manic hand dance movements to the Velvet Underground. Im sure most of you guys out there would say the same thing (apart from probably DAVE!) which means that although this band is the essence of coolness, if it came down to it we would all secretly pick the Village People.

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