The Week That Music Died!

Fuck alexandra and your version of hallelujah,
All i want to do is stand up and boo ya,
And as for leonna lewis and her cover of run,
Why dont you just fuck off, run away, and become a nun?

Whats happening with music in the world today?
Its enough to make you want to get down and pray.
And Terry Wogans in the top 5, singing about little drummer runts,
The charts are offically polluted with cunts!



Thank the lord, that bollocks masquarading as a music talent programme has came to a finish once again. Although not before dragging another classic song through the mud.

  How many shit versions of Hallelujah can there actually be? Even the one attempted by myself on the acoustic guitar and vocals by jodie last night had more soul than what was on parade on the X factor.

  And if Alexandra doesnt make it in the music business (we can always live in hope) then she’s definetely got a future in acting, if that atrocious, over the top display of Gwyneth Paltrow award winning histrionics has anything to go by.

 And she wasnt the only one whispering thank god last night, although im sure, more of us were thanking the lord that this shit was over.

 Now we’ve gotta watch this piece of emotionless drivel fly to the top of the charts.

 Ive got a funny feeling that leonard cohen will shortly be setting out on a scuba diving expedition to ressurect the soul of the late, great jeff buckley from his watery grave and slap this lastest X factor winner around the face endlessly with two big wet fish until she realises what the fuck shes doing.

   I can already picture the scene next thursday night at my quiz when i stick on jeff buckleys excellent version of hallelujah only to end up, probably, is some sort of wild west bar room brawl when some mindless fucker says that it doesnt come anywhere near the sheer sonic gospel tearful version of Alexandras that we witnessed on the X factor!

 Death to the Xcrement Factor all it stands for,  all who sail on it and everyone who waves to it as it leaves the port.

 Its a Titanic programme just waiting for its own (Vanilla) Ice Berg!

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