Im sure anyone mad enough to be following my alphabetical musical journey will no doubt be expecting a funny, witty tale about those bearded rockers ZZ TOP to round off my adventures, but alas, i dont have anything by these guys on cd at all.

    In fact, the last letter of the alphabet is represented by only 2 cds. The debut album by THE ZUTONS and the only album by Billy Corgans inbetween daytime Smashing Pumpkins job, ZWAN. I have no drunken live stories to tell about either of these artists and cant even say that i have been a regular listener to any of these cds.

   So my musical journey from A to Z, fizzles into the sunset, instead of going out with a bearded bang. But its not the end, more like the first recorded chapter of my on going, insane love with almost all things that are musical.

    As that crazy old song went “music was my first love, and it will be my last. music off the future and music off the past”, and if i have misquoted that line in anyway, then i have done my job right. Music and songs mean different things to different people. To me, i just love the way music can make you happy, sad, full of life, lonely, want to dance and shout or just want to lie back and think. But most of all music is fun and  music is a big part of my life and hopefully ive shown that with some of the crazy stories ive shared with you which have been soundtracked by the good, the bad and the down right ugly of the music world.

   Well ive got nothing left to share with you guys, at the moment, but i wont say goodbye because theres still an ocean of charity shops and bargain bins just waiting with hidden treasures for me to find. So until the next time if you find yourself guiltily listening to something that you know you really shouldnt be, but find yourself strangely enjoying it, you dont need to say anything. You know that i understand.

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 Paul Young, Neil Young and the Yo-yos. Not some supergroup to rival the golden oldie grouping of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, but the only 3 artists which i have under the letter Y.

  Theres a few things i can say about Yo-yos. Crazy toys with string which are hard as hell to master and seem to have no apparant reward once you can finally master them, or delicious minty chocolate biscuits, but if you’re looking for a description as to who, musically, the Yo-Yos are, then im sorry but i wouldnt have a clue what to tell you. Again i sit wondering where and when i had found out that owning a cd by the Yo-Yos would change my life, musically or otherwise.

    The only thing that Neil Young and Paul Young have in common in the music world is that they share the same surname. After that they may as well be performing on totally different planets. Neil would definetely stand out as the most talented, rocking and writing many classics over the years. but if it was a choice between these two to sit down and listen to then i would probably go with Paul. His big 80s hits were part of my teenage soundtrack.

  And the guy ovbviously had a great sense of humour as well. You only have to listen to his ‘unique’ version of JOY DIVISIONs ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ to tell that.

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 I dont own a single cd by an artist beginning with the letter X. So to stop this being the shortest entry ever about music im going to give a little thought to the cds i once had but have now, one way or another, lost. Lets call them my X’s. (not to be mixed up in any way with Ex’s. Oh no!).

    I dont know how i managed to lose as many cds as i did. Many cds disappeared in the Cavern. The Cavern sold drink. I was sometimes found drunk in the Cavern while in charge of cds. You try and work it out. And it was never the cds that i couldnt care less about that went missing, it was always my newest ones or ones that i liked and loved. Its a surprise that i havent lost jodie at any point over the last 9 years.

  I have started trying to re-buy some of these cds whenever i could and whenever they were cheap enough and the fact the Cavern is no longer with us means that i should have no trouble in actually holding onto these cds now.

    Ive just bought Bloc Partys debut album for the third time! (it does take some kind of foolish genius to be able to lose a cd more than once). This also happened with the Scissor Sisters first cd. Ive also managed to replace Prince’s DIAMONDS AND PEARLS and, this will sound as crazy to you as it does to me, a Stereophonics cd. But it was their debut cd (why couldnt i have lost some of their other shit?) and it does have a few good songs on it, Traffic, Thousand Trees and Local Boy In The Photograph.

   Ive even managed to lose cds in the pub, only to find them reappear years later. No shitting you. Franz Ferdinands second album was lost when i had a night off a few years ago to go on a Starstudded trip to Edinburgh and i ended up buying a new copy, minus the free dvd, from fopp for a few pound. Then about a year and a half later it suddenly appears as if from nowhere, just sitting around in the Cavern. This also happened with Led Zepplins PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI which took something like a 2 year vacation from my collection before fnally returning.

   I finally rebought AIRs ‘MOON SAFARI’ at christmas there. I love this cd and once again have no idea how i managed to lose it.

    I had a HOT CHIP cd for all of 4 hours one time, not even getting a chance to hear it between buying it from asda and then losing it in the Cavern when it was ‘borrowed’, never to be seen again. The two box set singles of Duran Duran have also disappeared down a big Black Hole. And if Big Stephens holding my triple 10th anniversary copy of the Manic Street Preachers HOLY BIBLE hostage, he has still yet to ask for any kind of ransom demands.

   Mad Steph has PARKLIFE and BLUR by Blur which i think are now high up on my list for bargain bin hunting.

   Theres probably loads more, ocean colour scene, pearl jam, abc, david bowie, the cure, pulp, michael jackson, all spring to mind but hopefully i can keep this misplaced lunacy down to a minimum from now on. And unlike an Ex, i would welcome most of these X’s back into my life any time.

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 Apparantly im a BIG fan of Paul Weller. It would be the only explanation for having 9 of his solo cds. Wouldnt it? I do like his music, but im not as mad on his stuff as this number would have you believe. Colin did try and go and see him live at T i n the Park a few years ago, when he was headlining the NME stage on the Saturday night. I wasnt moving from my spot, getting ready for my spiritual experience watching Sigur Ros. He came back long before the end of his set, maybe because of the torrential rain and maybe because, as he said, “theres people down the front throwing pints of pish over everyone!”

  As mad and as uncool as this may sound, i do love Wet Wet Wet. And after a few bargain bin experiences over the festive period, i now have almost all their stuff on cd. Not everyone shares my love of this band, on buying their latest album a year or so ago, Dave disgustingly exclaimed “why are you buying this? its only giving them an excuse to make more music!”

  Anyway, ive seen them live 4 times, every one of them a great live experience. The last time was back in the 90s when they were playing at Parkhead. It was meant to be on the saturday, but was moved to the sunday because it was going to clash with the funeral of Princess Diana. If you remember she died in a horrific car crash in Paris with her then boyfirend Dodi. In fact its now remembered as ‘The Day That Dodi and Di Died Day!’.

     It was an all day affair, getting the bus up there then having a good few hours to roam around, find a few pubs that were reasonably safe to drink in (remember i did say we were going to Parkhead) and get into the full Marti party spirit. We did find a suitable place, that was pretty lively and also had some kind of wet wet wet afternoon disco on up the back. On buying our drinks and heading up the back, someone made a passing comment something like “good luck, they’ll eat you alive up there” to us, to which colin replied something in the vain of that we would be fine and it was maybe everyone else that maybe needed the luck.

    The place was mental, full of 30 and 40 year old drunk mothers with their daughters and resembled some mad kind of alternative universe where in that world it was the mothers who embarrased their daughters and not the other way around. At one point there was one girl who was almost reduced to tears after her mother had grabbed colin up for a dance then half way through decided it would be a great idea to swap tops, just like they do after a football match, with each other. Colin didnt need to be asked twice, so he wipped off his top and the mother also obliged leaving her just dancing around with her bra on. Who said Wet Wet Wet weren’t hardcore rock n roll.

  It was a great day, oh and the gig was pretty good as well.

  Got all the White Stripes cds, although lost their most recent one in the Cavern and have yet to find it at a reasonable bargain basement price to buy it again. Also seen them live twice. Its unbelievable what Jack White can do with a guitar and the sound he and Meg can make on stage.

   Got 5 Weezer cds, including two which i picked up in a charity shop for £1 each. and also have 5 Robbie Williams cds, although none of his most recent stuff because basically im guessing they would be pretty shit. Although back at the start of his solo career he did have a good ear for a catchy tune.

   Got the best of The Who as well as Tommy and Whos Next? and caught a little of them when they played at T in the Park. The best moment was staggering around the field, going from stage to stage, while the strains of BEHIND BLUE EYES could be heard flying around the festival site, as i said to myself at the time ‘it doesnt get much better than this’. Although im sure i also said to myself round about the same time ‘where the hell am i?’. Also got a trio of Whitesnake cds and caught them live a few years ago at the Exhibition Centre in Glasgow.

  A bunch of artists on 2 cds are We Are Scientists, who are excellent and a lot of fun live, Whiskytown (Ryan Adams old band), the Wonderstuff, the Wildhears, Whiteout (a group who played at the long forgotten Rock On The Water down the harbour at Irvine, and never ever came to anything after a couple of infectiously catchy singles), Tom Waits and Witness, who’s UNDER A SUN album i fear may remain a lost classic.

  Finishing off W, theres albums from the usual wide range of artists, with best of’s from KIM WILDE, WINGS, STEVIE WONDER, JACKIE WILSON and (no laughing out there), BRUCE WILLIS. This cd of his is a bit of a collectors item as it has his first album THE RETURN OF BRUNO in its entirety, as well as its soul shaking follow up WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU ONLY MAKES YOU STRONGER.

  Theres also cds from the WATERBOYS, WHEATUS (sorry!), PATRICK WOLF (excellent!), WILT (?????), the WOMBATS, WILCO, WORLD PARTY, WARM JETS and finally last but no way least is a great cd from WAS NOT WAS called WHAT UP DOG?. It features their big hit single WALK THE DINOSAUR, but its full of great and bizzare songs. It features other great singles SPY IN THE HOUSE OF LOVE, SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA and OUT COME THE FREAKS, a cover of Otis Reddings CANT TURN YOU LOOSE, the sinatra-a-like WEDDING VOWS IN VEGAS, the excellent elvis costello written SHADOW AND JIMMY as well as the gorgeous ANYTIME LISA. The bizarre is reprensented by two crazy songs, DAD IM IN JAIL, which features some mad vocoder screaming guy basically on the phone manically telling his dad that he was in jail and WHAT UP DOG, which is a deep Barry White spoken piece about a guy who walks into a grocery store and after finding that hes forgotten his wallet and cant pay for the stuff hes picked he then tells the guy behind the couter that ‘damn ive forgotten my wallet…..but i did bring my credit card!”, making sure that this guy knows in no uncertain terms that hes talking about his dog when hes remarking on his credit card. Crazy!

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