I dont own a single cd by an artist beginning with the letter X. So to stop this being the shortest entry ever about music im going to give a little thought to the cds i once had but have now, one way or another, lost. Lets call them my X’s. (not to be mixed up in any way with Ex’s. Oh no!).

    I dont know how i managed to lose as many cds as i did. Many cds disappeared in the Cavern. The Cavern sold drink. I was sometimes found drunk in the Cavern while in charge of cds. You try and work it out. And it was never the cds that i couldnt care less about that went missing, it was always my newest ones or ones that i liked and loved. Its a surprise that i havent lost jodie at any point over the last 9 years.

  I have started trying to re-buy some of these cds whenever i could and whenever they were cheap enough and the fact the Cavern is no longer with us means that i should have no trouble in actually holding onto these cds now.

    Ive just bought Bloc Partys debut album for the third time! (it does take some kind of foolish genius to be able to lose a cd more than once). This also happened with the Scissor Sisters first cd. Ive also managed to replace Prince’s DIAMONDS AND PEARLS and, this will sound as crazy to you as it does to me, a Stereophonics cd. But it was their debut cd (why couldnt i have lost some of their other shit?) and it does have a few good songs on it, Traffic, Thousand Trees and Local Boy In The Photograph.

   Ive even managed to lose cds in the pub, only to find them reappear years later. No shitting you. Franz Ferdinands second album was lost when i had a night off a few years ago to go on a Starstudded trip to Edinburgh and i ended up buying a new copy, minus the free dvd, from fopp for a few pound. Then about a year and a half later it suddenly appears as if from nowhere, just sitting around in the Cavern. This also happened with Led Zepplins PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI which took something like a 2 year vacation from my collection before fnally returning.

   I finally rebought AIRs ‘MOON SAFARI’ at christmas there. I love this cd and once again have no idea how i managed to lose it.

    I had a HOT CHIP cd for all of 4 hours one time, not even getting a chance to hear it between buying it from asda and then losing it in the Cavern when it was ‘borrowed’, never to be seen again. The two box set singles of Duran Duran have also disappeared down a big Black Hole. And if Big Stephens holding my triple 10th anniversary copy of the Manic Street Preachers HOLY BIBLE hostage, he has still yet to ask for any kind of ransom demands.

   Mad Steph has PARKLIFE and BLUR by Blur which i think are now high up on my list for bargain bin hunting.

   Theres probably loads more, ocean colour scene, pearl jam, abc, david bowie, the cure, pulp, michael jackson, all spring to mind but hopefully i can keep this misplaced lunacy down to a minimum from now on. And unlike an Ex, i would welcome most of these X’s back into my life any time.

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