Im sure anyone mad enough to be following my alphabetical musical journey will no doubt be expecting a funny, witty tale about those bearded rockers ZZ TOP to round off my adventures, but alas, i dont have anything by these guys on cd at all.

    In fact, the last letter of the alphabet is represented by only 2 cds. The debut album by THE ZUTONS and the only album by Billy Corgans inbetween daytime Smashing Pumpkins job, ZWAN. I have no drunken live stories to tell about either of these artists and cant even say that i have been a regular listener to any of these cds.

   So my musical journey from A to Z, fizzles into the sunset, instead of going out with a bearded bang. But its not the end, more like the first recorded chapter of my on going, insane love with almost all things that are musical.

    As that crazy old song went “music was my first love, and it will be my last. music off the future and music off the past”, and if i have misquoted that line in anyway, then i have done my job right. Music and songs mean different things to different people. To me, i just love the way music can make you happy, sad, full of life, lonely, want to dance and shout or just want to lie back and think. But most of all music is fun and  music is a big part of my life and hopefully ive shown that with some of the crazy stories ive shared with you which have been soundtracked by the good, the bad and the down right ugly of the music world.

   Well ive got nothing left to share with you guys, at the moment, but i wont say goodbye because theres still an ocean of charity shops and bargain bins just waiting with hidden treasures for me to find. So until the next time if you find yourself guiltily listening to something that you know you really shouldnt be, but find yourself strangely enjoying it, you dont need to say anything. You know that i understand.

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