The musical adventures of 2009 – February!

 Februarys a pretty bleak month, certainly weatherwise and if you consider the annual Brit Awards that took place this month, then music wise as well.  And it was reasonably quiet on the music buying front as well. Not a great deal in the way of new releaseses, although by far, the best purchase of the month was the new cd from MORRISSEY, entitled “YEARS OF REFUSAL”. An excellent, uptempo affair, which seems to see Morrissey in an unusually cheery mood. Its a joy from start to finish and one of his best albums in ages. This has been on repeated play throughout february to blow away the icy cobwebs of this very chilly month.

   The only other new cd i purchased this month is from a new group called EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Hailing from down under, although new to music under this name, singer LUKE STEELE has previously been making musical waves with his former band THE SLEEPY JACKSONS and has here teamed up with NICK LITTLEMORE of never heard before psychedlic popsters PNAU. Definetely riding in on the success of MGMT these guys deliver their own version of sun drenched, psychedilc shiny pop and have an album whose cover is a colourful cross between MGMT, ADAM ANT and STAR WARS. In fact the guy behind the counter in ASDA curiously examined the cd before asking me if this was a new album by Mr Adam Ant himself.

 Picked up the FRIENDLY FIRES cd, and these guys have been gaining rave reviews while touring with GLASVEGAS, FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE and WHITE LIES. The lead singer has been likened to Mick Jagger, more to do with his stage presence than his looks i would think…..and hope. This cd will definetely make you feel like getting up and having a dance and im sure the guys will gain ever more fans when festival time comes around.

  Finally got a “real” copy of KINGS OF LEONS “ONLY BY THE NIGHT”, the album thats cemented their fame as britains current number one favourite band. Its also helped them pick up awards at the Brits for Best Album and Best International Band.

   Oh the Brits. Were do you start? i had actually forgotten all about them, as i had got caught up in the bizarre plotiness of the recent Indiana Jones film. On turning the awards ceremony on i thought the Kingdom Of Crystal Skull scriptwriters had continued on their space journey and were penning the events of this years awards. It was the only explanation for witnessing what looked like four singing aliens who were descending to earth to heal us humans with the gift of song. But alas, there was to be no Speilberg encounters of any kind as on second glance i found it was only the flab four, TAKE THAT themselves, singing their wee hearts out before once again leaving this mascarade of an awards ceremony empty handed.

   It was amusing enough for a little while, whether it was watching the total bemusement on everyones faces when IRON MAIDEN won Best Live Act or David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff leering and perving at Fern Cotton in front of millions but it soon descended into total nonsense. Kings of Leons deserved their awards as the album has sold shit loads in Britain and ELBOW are now getting the recognition they so rightly deserve, but overall it was, as usual, rewarding album sales rather than anything resembling musical talent. By the time the dreadfull nominations for Best British Single were read out and more horrifically, GIRLS ALOUD winning! It was all over.

    A nice little introduction from Brandon Flowers kicked off the Pet Shop Boys megamix performance as they were awarded Outstanding Contribution To Music, and he also popped up singing a few lines of the bands classic 1987 number one hit ITS A SIN. LADY GAGA was worbling along amongst all this as well, and up until now i havent heard any of her stuff and have no desire to do so in the forseeable future.

   The cheapest and bizzarest buy of the month for my has been David Bowies “TONIGHT” cd.  Found for only a pound it featured the 80s pop hit BLUE JEAN as well as the classic LOVING THE ALIEN. On sticking it on for a little listen i was dumbstruck by track two by the fact that i was actually listening to David Bowie doing REGGAE!!!!! this was quickly followed by a cover of the Beach Boys “GOD ONLY KNOWS” done in a Walker Brothers style. There was another dance with reggae elsewhere on the album, and by the end of the cd i had definetely felt that i had got my moneys worth from this musical oddity.

   I managed to replace another two of the many cds ive lost over the years this month, adding THE STROKES “ROOM ON FIRE” and AC\DCs “BACK IN BLACK” back into my collection.

 This month has also seen the build up for this years T IN THE PARK pick up a pace, with the release of more tickets and some of the acts that will be appearing. All in all its been nothing short of disorganised chaos with artists being named then said definetely not to be playing, only to be added again with the ongoing updating of the line up (NINE INCH NAILS and JANES ADDICTION to name two). And nobody really knowing who the hell is playing and on what day. Ive also been following the ongoing madness of peoples thoughts and comments on the T in the Park forum. People who are clearly off their heads, and still sitting there wondering if theyll release another headliner name even after theyve already named four headliners for the 3 day event!

   And apparntly a lineup already consisting of BLUR, THE KILLERS, KINGS OF LEON, SNOW PATROL, RAZORLIGHT, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, GLASVEGAS, THE SPECIALS, FRANZ FERDINAND, BLOC PARTY, NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS, ELBOW, JAMES, FRIENDLY FIRES, KATE PERRY, MOGWAI, THE VIEW, SQUEEZE, KEANE, MAXIMO PARK, LADYHAWKE, PETE DOHERTY, WHITE LIES, YEAH YEAH YEAHS, PET SHOP BOYS, BJORN AGAIN and a hell of a lot more isnt enough for these people who dismiss all of this as mediocre and uninspiring and are still religiously praying for some great revelation to make this event truly amazing.

  I mean, what the hell do these people want? They wont be happy until theres an announcemnt that the CAPRENTERS are getting back together again, not only with the dead Karen Carpenter back on drum and vocal duties but also a resurrected Jesus back in the line up! Well he was one of the original Carpenter, wasnt he?

  But is all amusing, harmless fun anyway and passes the time away till the crazy T in the Park weekend actually comes around.

  And a special mention goes to the guy who found a colourful way off getting his point across by calling a fellow commentor a “COCK JUGGLING THUNDERCUNT!”

 An excellent phrase that i for one wont get tired off using. Well there is plenty off them out there!

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