The night my i-pod became a die-pod!

i was just thinking about the good old days when i could just stick on the i-pod and disappear into my own musical fantasy world. But those carefree days are behind me as the little thing isnt with me anymore. I foolishly thought that it was made of sturdier stufff and considering it was littered with many a dodgy tune, and the entire ‘ultimate’ Dirty Dancing soundtrack, that it could handle a good drink.

 Oh how wrong i was.

 excuse me while i wipe a teary eye as i recount the day my i-pod became a die-pod.


yeah, ive done so well up until now, looking after the little fellow on the many parties we’ve attended.
at first he would shly hide away in my pocket, then more recently feeling more at home with himself and coming out and enjoying himself as the life and soul of the party.everything was fine up until last weekend when i noticed lager over the little guy. he mustve grabbed my can while my attention was elsewhere and in a moment of madness spilt the stuff everywhere.

since then the fuckers went haywire. flicking about, getting moody and switching himself off and just locking himself down. i fear im losing a good friend.

looks like a bit of cold turkeys going to have to be required and keep him locked away while i head out on a friday night. life wouldnt be the same without the little guy around.
so hopefully a little drying out period will restore him to his full, musical glory.

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK when you learn of my utter despair of finding my beloved toaster shooting up heroin after nipping into the kitchen for some midnight munching!

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The King and the Kunt!

 Heres a little reminiscense from last year. On the 30th anniversay of the death of the king of rock n roll, the one and only elvis presley, myself and a few mates were heading to glasgow to witness another musical pioneer.


Wednesday, August 15th, to some people, just another ordinary day, but to music lovers it was 30 years ago to that date that the King of Rock n Roll himself Elvis Presley left this planet.

so what better way to celebrate than to head up to Glasgow to witness another true musical pioneer, KUNT AND THE GANG!

Well first we had to endure the support act, THE PLIMTONES (or some shit like that).
the gig was at the 13th Note and didnt take too many people to have it look fairly busy.
i really dont know how to explain what was wrong with the band, the worse thing to me was that there were actually people (or is that fuck-wits) there to see these fuckers.
Dave was ready for killing someone half way through their set. Trying to be funny without any hilarity, how ironic it was that KUNT had support from actual talentless cunts!

Things soon changed when the man came on himself, with only his trusted casio sound, he belted through his pop-tinged 2 minute classics full of comedy gold lyrics of filth. not for the faint hearted but certainly worth going to see for a laugh.

To give you a little taster his set list consisted of songs with titiles such as WANK THE DOG, I SHIT MYSELF, USE MY ARSE AS A CUNT (apparantly about how to get ahead in the music business) FUCKSTICKS and my personal favourite, WANKING OVER A PORNOGRAPHIC POLAROID OF AN EX-GIRLFRIEND AND SHES DEAD. pure pop gold!

It was a good fun way to spend a night on the anniversay of the kings death, and im sure he was looking down with a smile on his face and a squirrel burger in his hand.

In fact, in his honour, i had a chicken tikka burger with fries on the way home.


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