In what has to be one of the craziest stories ive heard for a while, BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT director Chris Nolan and film studio Warners are being, apprantly, sued by Huseyin Kalkan, the mayor of a turkish southeastern town called BATMAN.

 He says that the town are due royalties from 2008s biggest grossing film THE DARK KNIGHT because the cities name was used without permission stating that “there is only one BATMAN in the world!”

  Does that mean that if this ever gets anywhere near a courtroom that Warners will have to role out Christian Bale, Michael keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and even Adam West to prove this man is clearly insane and that their is actually ‘MORE than one BATMAN in the world’?

  Maybe this is the guy who sent THE JOKER into Gotham City to create havoc and chaos in the recent film and hes just gearing himself up for a role as a bad guy when the next BATMAN film comes around.

  A Turkish villian, now that would be delightful!

We’ll just have to wait and see.

 Mayor Kalkan is currently working on finding evidence that the turkish Batman predates Bob Kane’s 1939 creation of the character.

 It has the makings of the craziest lawsuit ever which will no doubt, somewhere down the line, have someone thinking that this would make a great storyline for a film. Well it couldnt be any worse than BATMAN AND ROBIN.

 Tune in next week as we near the end of the long running battle between the Scottish city of Dundee and australian actor Paul Hogan, where the town has for years claimed that the stars films have had a damaging effect of their economy and tourism.

 And as the new slogan for the City proudly proclaims…………………………





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In Bruges

an unpolitically correct classic. colin farrell has never been better in this tale of two hitmen lying low in bruges after a job thats went wrong.
colin farrells character is a pissed off anti-hero for everyone whos been in bizarre situtations where things are said out loud that really shouldnt be, but are in this film, as they really are in real life, funny as fuck.
his unhealthy obsession with midgets hilariously adds to the chaos.
the fact that he makes this character likeable and loveable is a huge compliment to his underrated acting skills that are usually misused in film world.
brendan gleeson compliments is also a joy to watch in this film, and ralph fiennes is a psychotic joy to watch. my god he should team up with ben kingleys psycho in ‘sexy beast’ and they could become the laurel and hardy for a fucked up generation.
its not all fun and games, shot through with flashes off brutal violence that wouldnt go amiss in any of martin scorcesses classics.
you’ll be walking around with a mischeivous grin on your face for hours after watching this.
a total joy!

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Breakfast On Pluto

this is a glorious, fucked up mess off a film (and currently only £4 in asda) but i dont know if i should recommend it to anyone.
  cillian murphy is a revelation as patrick ‘kitty’ braden who is probably less off a fucked up mess than either the troubled messy 70s ireland that he left or the big bad fucked up london that he heads for. looking for the mysterious missing person who is his mother or maybe just trying to find himself.
  this is director, neil jordans most surreal and accomplished film. and this is the guy that gave us ‘the crying game’. ‘interview with a vampire’ and more recently a revenge filled jodie foster in ‘the brave one’.
  it also has the always reliable liam neeson and, a once again on top form, brendan gleeson, as well as neil joradans favourite, stpehen rea, and a crazy cameo from bryan ferry.
   Deserverdly, cillian murphy was nominated for a Golden Globe in this role (remember this is the guy that was ‘the scarecrow’ in batman begins as well as the star of ’28 days later)’.
  ‘kitty’ is a crazy mixed up character in a world, far more crazy, mixed up and unexplainable than he/she will ever be.

 only for people with very open minds, willing to take on whatever biazzarenest confronts them.

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Tropic Thunder

 ‘Tropic Thunder’ sends up the whole of Hollywood hilariously, from the people behind the camera such as directors, writers and agents to the hugely inflamed egos of the actors that appear in front of the camera.

 The film basically tells the story of how a bunch of actors, trying to make a war film which is going disasterously wrong, who end up actually in the middle of a real war zone. But they’re too much into their acting, or art or maybe just too damn thick to know what the hell’s going on.

   Ben stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jnr. have a scream playing their characters in this film. Whether its Tugg Speedman (Stiller),  the fading action star who wants to be taken seriously, Jeff Portnoy (Black),  the comedy star who feels people only laugh at his fart jokes and has a massive drugs problem or Kirk Lazarus (Downey),  the serious multi-oscar winning method actor  who delves so much into his roles that for this film he has surgically dyed his skin to transform himself into a black man.  Then for most of the film he seems to believe that he is actually black.

 They even come with trailers for films these actors have coming out. Best of the bunch has to be Downey Jnrs one where hes a confused man of the church, who questions faith, god and his own sexuality and has  Toby Macguire in a blink and you’ll almost miss it cameo role. By the time that the forthcoming films title is revealed as SATAN’S ALLEY, you really do wish that this film existed. It would be comedy gold.

  Best of any cameo role that appears in this film is the one of Tom Cruise, which really has to be seen to be believed. Its the most unexpected role you would ever expect him to play, and is funny as hell because of this,  and once again shows what an underatted actor he is.  If he would only stop trying to be the Son of Scientology and just get back to what he does best.

 Theres plenty to laugh at here, and im sure other small jokes will get picked up on repeated viewings.

  This film isnt to be taken seriously, but it is seriously on the ball about how people in the film world get caught up with the whole utter madness of it all, and then become overblown caricatures of themselves.

   Im sure there will be plenty of hollywood people that will squirm nervously when having to sit through this film, as it may be more real than they care to let on about how they all behave in the wonderful make believe world of movies.

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I bet she’s voting for Dukakis!

well this is a little story from a while back but thought it deserves to be up here and will help kick off my views, and some other random peoples views of the film world.

Not so long ago i was stoating about the bargains in woolies when i heard this woman point at a film and say to her friend
“thats the worse film thats ever been made”

as i love films and was curious as to what she was referring to, i hovered about until she told her friend that the film she was talking about was DONNIE DARKO.
she said that her ex had went on and on about it and when she finally watched it she said it was the biggest piece of shite she had ever seen. and then she said that she wrapped it up and gave it to him for a christmas present.

Donnie Darko is many things to many people, but anyone simply dismissing it as shite clearly shouldnt be allowed to watch films.

She probably thinks that steven seagal is not only a top action star but the recipe for a great night in, that martin lawrence is the funniest man in the world and that when a stranger calls was one of the most orginal, frightening experiences of her life.


theres a reason he may be your ex you know!

tune in next week when a random reviewer in the asda aisles tells us that she was looking forward to seeing Denzel Washington in De Ja Vu, but once it had finished she declared that she had “seen it all before”!

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